Archive | April, 2000

The Laminar ST hang glider: A serious machine!

Thomas Rauch takes Manfred Ruhmer’s finely tuned mylar Laminar ST hang glider for a spin

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Aphrodizzyacts: Ten ways to get your mojo back and rediscover your love of flying

Greg Hamerton dishes out some pick-me-ups for those whose enthusiasm for paragliding or hang gliding is burning on the low side. Published in 2000

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X-Ceara 1999: Searing Ceará at the Cross Country Classic

The first Cross Country Classic breaks two records! Chico Santos reports from the paragliding and hang gliding heaven of Ceara in Brazil

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Rob Whittall: A tribute to friendship

Rob Whittall, world champion in both hang gliding and paragliding, wrote this tribute to friendship for Cross Country issue 67 in 2000

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Paragliding and hang gliding thermalling techniques: My instructor the vulture

Itamar Neuner learns to thermal his paraglider from a natural…Essential reading for any hang glider or paraglider pilot

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