The 2005 Flytec Championships


Until the eighth day, the 2005 Flytec Championships was a festival of fast racing and fun times, as Davis Straub reports

“Aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”

It was not until the last act that Chris Muller would dive into the ground, making a small error and tragically dying. But you have the advantage of knowing how the play ended. We who were there living it, had to do so in real time and were immensely enjoying ourselves until it ended so badly. So let me get to that.

The 2005 Flytec Championships were also the 2005 US Nationals (flex, rigids, women’s, Swifts) as well as the Pre-Worlds for the 2006 women’s, rigids and Swifts World Championships.

All these designations contributed to the strong interest in attending the competition by European, South American, Canadian and US pilots. Many pilots had to be turned away from the 105 pilot field.

The Flytec Championship has been taking place at Quest Air Flight Park since April 2001, and has grown into the strongest and best-attended competition in the US. It is so well regarded internationally that there was little difficulty in attaining CIVL sanctioning for the 2006 Class 2, Class 5, and women’s Worlds there. Rigid wing pilots have always had a strong presence at Quest Air and it continues to be the premier world venue of rigid wing competitions.

Pilots vote with their feet and they have abandoned major competitions in the western US where, before 2000, almost all US competitions were held. They have been captivated by the lure of convenient aerotowing into inviting and forgiving thermal conditions with the likelihood of returning to the homebase at a reasonable time after an exciting two or three hour race…

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Rigid Results
2 GRICAR Primoz Aeros Phantom SVN
4 ALMOND Neville AIR Atos V GBR
5 BOTT Jacques AIR Atos VR FRA

Flex wing results
1 BONDARCHUK Oleg Aeros Combat UKR
2 DURAND Jonny Moyes Litespeed S4 AUS
3 WILLIAMS Paris Aeros Combat L USA
4 BLOOM Phil Moyes Litespeed 4 USA
5 MARTIN Dustin Moyes Litespeed 4 USA
6 OLSSON Andreas Wills Wing T2 154 SWE
7 MULLER Chris Wills Wing T2 CAN
8 VOLK Glen Moyes Litespeed USA
9 BARBER Mike Moyes Litespeed USA
10 CARTER Kevin Aeros Combat USA

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