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Paragliding Karakoram’s Gasherbrum I+II and Broad Peak

French mountaineer Antoine Girard is set to paraglide from the summits of Gasherbrum 1 + 2 and Broad peak in the Pakistan Karakoram

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Peak to Peak Paragliding / NOVA XC Flying Camp

NOVA team pilots run XC flying camp in Greifenburg, Austria

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Charly speed pedal

Charly speed pedals

Charly have launched speed pedals – these are designed to keep the speed bar resting against the harness and out of the way when launching

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Finsterwalder Charly Quickout

Quick-out karabiner and speed bar separation system

Finsterwalder-Charly have made improvements to the quick-out 1998 karabiner

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Dondena Mountain Festival 2008

Dondena Mountain Festival 2008

The Sparavel paragliding school have joined forces with Nova, to run the Dondena Mountain festival 2008

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Flymaster B1 vario

Flymaster launches its new B1 vario

Flymaster is to launch its all new Flymaster B1 vario, a high precision and ultra sensitive variometer, with an amazing high resolution display.

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Urban Valic

Niviuk Paragliders welcome Urban Valic

Urban Valic has joined Niviuk and will work closely with Olivier Nef in the design and testing of the gliders

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Nissan Outdoor Games 2008

The normally quiet Alpine resort of Interlaken, Switzerland, is to host a film competition like no other, on 4-5 July this year

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Karpo Fly Demon

Karpo Fly’s new harness is a Demon

Karpo Fly have a new harness on the market, the Demon.

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First Alatus Trophy 2008

The Delta Club Volo Libero Trentino (Italy) are “proud to invite” hang glider and paraglider entries to the inaugural Alatus Trophy

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Ava Sport Twin, Sprinter Light and 3-in-1 paraglider harnesses

Ava Sport have brought out three new paraglider harnesses, to suit tandem pilots, recreational flyers and lightweight afficionados.

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Everyone's invited ... Lift_ poster invite

Lift_ to premiere at Torrey Pines Gliderport

The premiere of the Acrotwins’ new film, Lift_, will be at Torrey Pines Gliderport April 26

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Red Bull Jungfrau Stafette 2008

Red Bull Jungfrau-Stafette 2008

In the 1930s the Jungfrau-Stafette created a sensation in Switzerland. Revived last year for the first time, the 21st century version is just as amazing

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Mac Magus XC

Mac Magus XC certified to LTF (DHV) 2-3

Certification of all sizes of Mac’s Magus XC is now complete, and it is said to fall in the middle of the LTF 2-3 category

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Absolute Chamonix: new paragliding and speedriding school

Absolute Chamonix is a new paragliding and speedriding school run by Caroline Brille, French World Cup pilot since 2000

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Apco's new Chairbag

Apco’s new Chairbag Integral harness

Apco have made a new addition to the Chairbag range of lightweight convertible harness / backpacks.

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Women’s Hang Gliding Festival 2008

Lookout Mountain Flight Park, Tennessee, aims to foster the idea of women together in flight by hosting its first annual Women’s Hang Gliding Festival

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The Icaro Maverick

Werner Schutz to fly Icaro Maverick

Werner Schütz, winner of the German OLC 2007 Paragliding Open, will be flying the 2008 season aboard the new Maverick M

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With Patrick we fly fast, the thermals are more nervous and narrow

Hang gliding in Namibia: The Calling 2008

Five world records and a 400 km convergence line are just rewards for French record breaker Gil Souviron as he finds the answers to his calling in the deserts of Africa

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Team 5 Symposium 2008

First Team 5 symposium for paragliding schools and distributors.

Austrian manufacturer Team 5 have just held their first symposium for flying schools and merchants

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