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The Hardest Battle

Ten tasks over twelve days made the 2009 Paragliding World Championships in Mexico the most demanding, and the fairest, FAI event in the history of the sport. Mads Syndergaard reports from Valle de Bravo on the highs and the lows of paragliding’s most prestigious event


Gil Souviron and friends return to the Namibian deserts in search of their favourite big game, kilometres. Then with saddlebags bulging, Gil contemplates the fate and future of the sport he loves

The Rapture

Given a 4×4, a set of flying toys and the great American desert, who could fail to find adventure? Matt Gerdes and friends find what they are looking for in a fun-filled foray to some of the USA’s many undiscovered gems

Whether the Weather

What works, what doesn’t and why? Honza Rejmanek takes a look at the terrain ahead and unravels the mystery of locating the next thermal

Get Moving

Speed flyers: fringe lunatics, or a collective of like-minded souls who’ve cottoned on to something amazing? Hugh Miller takes the plunge and goes high-wind soaring in the gentle English countryside to find out what all the fuss is about

Between the Sheets

Cross Country magazine’s glider reviews return with the Nova Factor LTF 2 / EN C, a high performance sports wing, and the Gradient Montana, a lightweight wing

Plus all the usual regulars and news including  the new products and part three of Granger Banks’ fascinating paragliding novel, The Third Protoype.

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