Cross Country 129: Free Travel Guide and 3D-Spectacular

Free 100-page travel guide and a packed issue make this one of the best Cross Country magazines ever

The latest issue of Cross Country magazine is on steroids. First, a FREE 100-page Global Travel Guide is included with every subscriber’s copy.

Packed full of information and stunning photographs the Global Travel Guide 2010/11 features the very best hang gliding and paragliding sites on Earth.

With contributions from some of the best pilots in the world it includes unique guides to 23 internationally-famous sites, including:

– Flying the flatlands of Spain with Steve Ham

– Getting the most out of Manilla with Godfrey Wenness

Nepal’s paradise by the lake with Adam Hill

– Big Air in Owen’s Valley with Nick Greece

– Cracking Chamonix with Bob Drury

Himalayan highs with Jim Mallinson

Brazil’s best with Jocky Sanderson

Plus 16 other awesome free-flight destinations

As well as the ‘Get high, go far’ secrets revealed in the site guides, there are articles on going lightweight, travelling with your hang glider by Jeff O’Brien, travel gear and technology.

The Global Travel Guide 2010/11 has been in production for six months. The result is a must-have read for every pilot and is available FREE to subscribers. Make sure you get your copy – if you don’t already subscribe, do it here.


As well as the free Global Travel Guide Cross Country magazine is literally bursting out of its covers this issue. Spectacular 3D photographs by Uli Wiesmeier kick-off the magazine.

We’ve jumped firmly onboard the 3D bandwagon that’s hurtling through cinemas and produced five eye-popping pages of crazy 3D photos – your FREE 3D glasses are inside the mag.

From there the magazine plunges into all the news from around the paragliding and hang gliding world, including:

– Brilliant photos from the PWC Brazil

– Scott Mason under fire for parahawking in Nepal

– Online tracking at the European Paragliding Championships

– Speed riding in Antarctica

– Nick Greece at the Ghana PG Festival

– Jeff O’Brien hang gliding in Florida

– Women’s HG Worlds meet director Heather Mull

– Plus all the reports, results, tributes and big flights

Regulars include:

– High Life: Hugh Miller gets spiritual in Chamonix while Fred Perreault gets gust-fronted in the USA

Icaristics: Understanding the Alps

– Dispatches: The buzz from our electronic mailbag

Readers’ Gallery: The best pictures you’ve got

XContest: Mega flights in Europe

And then there are the big chunky articles, including:

Northern Lights: Nordic stars reveal how to go big in the wilds of Finland, Sweden and Norway

Kurt Eder: This exceptional pilot explains who he is, where he comes from, and how to fly a 200 km triangle at his home site Speikboden

Guiding: Why is there no international standard for flying guides? Ed Ewing unravels the world of free-flight guiding

Cloudstruck: Rob Davies explores Alpine history and compares the first man up the Matterhorn with today’s X-Alps stars


As well as all that we have information overload as:

– Acro star Pal Takats explains what to look for when buying an acro wing

Dennis Pagen describes how to land downhill

Honza Rejmanek explores wind in the mountains

And we review two gliders:

Swing’s Astral 6

Gradient’s Golden3


– Kortel’s new Karver harness – it has no shoulder straps!

– The Path of the Condor, a new film from Patagonia

Gravity Never Sleeps, a new paragliding road movie


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