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Cross Country International Issue 129 ContentsNORTHERN LIGHTS

Northern Lights‘Norway is a rock.’ Nordic stars reveal how to go big in the wilds of Finland, Sweden and Norway


Lone Star Kurt Eder‘I like to fly alone.’ Kurt Eder explains who he is, where he comes from, and how to fly a 200 km triangle at his home site of Speikboden


Sky Gods for HireWhy is there no international standard for flying guides? Ed Ewing unravels the world of free-flight guiding


CloudstruckThe first man up the Matterhorn was also the first to think about how clouds form. Rob Davies explores Edward Whypmer and free flight


XC Files 129Pál Tákats on how to buy an acro wing, Dennis Pagen on landing downhill and Honza Rejmanek on the stagnation point


Between the Sheets 129 Swing Astral 6Between the Sheets 129 Gradient Golden3

Marcus King flies the Swing Astral 6 and Bob Drury hops into bed with a Gradient Golden3

Plus: Brazilian PWC washed out, Parahawking under threat, live tracking for the european paragliding championships, speed riding in Antartica, Ghana festival, Heather Mull, understanding the Alps and all the latest reports, flights and new products.

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Cross Country Magazine Travel Guide 2010-11The printed version of Issue 129 comes with a free copy of the 2010/11 Cross Country Travel Guide. Packed full of information and stunning photographs the guide features the very best hang gliding and paragliding sites on Earth. With contributions from some of the best pilots in the world it includes unique guides to 23 internationally-famous sites.

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