Cross Country Travel Guide 2010/11

Cross Country Travel Guide 2010/11 Free Download

Free download to the best paragliding and hang gliding sites in the world.


Cross Country Travel Guide 2010/11 Single Page Version Cross Country Travel Guide 2010/11 Double Page Version

Cross Country magazine’s Global Travel Guide for hang gliding and paragliding is now available online as a free pdf download – perfect for the iPad, your laptop or printing off.

Published in April 2010 the print edition of the guide was given away free exclusively to subscribers of Cross Country Magazine magazine in issue 130. Now it’s available to all.

The guide features some 20 paragliding and hang gliding sites around the world, and draws on the experience of the best pilots around to provide a mouth-watering insight into some of the best sites on the planet.

The idea was to create a guide to ‘the perfect year’. We imagined a pilot who had a year off, unlimited funds, and an open ticket. Where would they go? What would they do? What sort of flying would they get? The result it this, what we hope you agree is an inspirational and information-packed guide.

World famous sites from around the globe are included – from the Alps to the Australian desert and from the Spanish flats to the outback of Brazil. Contributors include well-known flying guides like Jocky Sanderson, Steve Ham and Godfrey Wenness, as well as  the best flying photographers and writers.

Subscribe online and find out what the best pilots in the world are reading.

The Cross Country Travel Guide is a free download available to all. You have a choice of of two versions: the single page version is best for viewing on screens that are smaller than 15″ and for viewing on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android phones or any other mobile PDF readers. The single page version also makes it easy to print individual pages. The book style double page version is best viewed on units with a 15″ screen or larger. The Apple iPad will display either version with the double page version giving a more magazine-like experience.

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