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The Cross Country Travel Guide – 22 of the world's best paragliding and hang gliding destinations stories of the year

A roundup of the top 10 most popular stories from during 2010.

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There is now a new Ovi application to enable you to receive XCmag updates on your Nokia smartphone

XC updates on your Nokia

A new app lets you receive XCmag updates on your Nokia smartphone

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Martin Gwosdz. Photo: Martin Gwosdz

Martin Gwosdz in acro tragedy

Martin Gwosdz, an acro pilot from Bavaria, Germany, suffered a fatal accident on Saturday 18 December.

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6th Ghana Hang Gliding & Paragliding Festival

The 6th Ghana Paragliding festival is now an important part of the Easter celebrations in Nkawkaw, Ghana. Planning is iunderway for this year’s event, which takes place from 22 – 25 April 2011.

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ITV's new 40m2 tandem, the Manitoba

ITV Manitoba tandem paraglider

ITV’s new performance tandem paraglider, the Manitoba, is just waiting for the weather to undergo certification tests for EN B.

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TAV-1000 alti-vario from Tirante A

Tirante A – Adventure Instruments from Brazil have just released their first altimeter-vario unit, the TAV-1000.

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Nina Renate-Brummer and Nicole Fedele. Between them they are dominating the female world paragliding records table.

More women’s World paragliding records confirmed

The FAI have recently confirmed that both Nina-Renate Brummer (DE) and Nicole Fedele of Italy have flown into the Women’s World paragliding record books, again.

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Advance Sigma 8

Advance’s new Sigma 8 performance intermediate paraglider

Advance have almosrt completed their new Sigma 8 performance intermediate paraglider, and expect to release it in early 2011.

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Manilla XC-Camp 2011: Register now

Part of the XC-Open World Series, the Manilla XC-Camp will take place from 24 January to 3 February 2011. Registration is free, as is the online scoring: you simply fly as far as you can from Mount Borah, between these dates.

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Spend 3 months paragliding in Slovenia next year

xTc, a paragliding and hang gliding adventure centre in Slovenia, have places for pilots wishing to spend up to three months in the Alps improving their flying skills under the guidance of record holder, Brett Janaway.

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Sup’Air’s team of paraglider acro stars grows

Spanish paraglider acro stars Horacio Llorens and Felix Rodriguez, and France’s Baptiste Rousset have joined Sup’Air’s growing list of team pilots.

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Cross Country training in the French Alps for Ozone Delta pilots

The Alpine Flying Centre near Chamonix in the French Alps will be running cross country weeks exclusively for Ozone Delta pilots, next summer.

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Advance seek pilots for serial class cross country team

Swiss paragliding firm Advance have announced that they will be forming an international team of serial class competition pilots whom they will mentor and coach, hopefully to the top of the serial class rankings.

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U-Turn’s reversible paraglider harness and rucksack, the IQ5

The IQ5 is U-Turn’s reversible harness / rucksack, designed to meet the needs of cross country paraglider pilots who walk long distances with their kit.

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Women with Wings II – Skills clinic in Australia

Women with Wings II is a skills clinic for women hang glider and paraglider pilots of all experience levels. It will be held in Bright, Victoria from 7 – 11 March 2011.

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Sol Mountain Light paraglider harness

The new Sol Mountain Light Calliplox paraglider harness weighs in at just 3.6kg, and the company believe that makes it one of the lightest on the market with its spec, which includes 18cm foam protection and a Cygnus airbag.

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Upgrade for UP’s Fastpro paraglider harness

UP have released a protector to upgrade their Fast Pro competition pod harness so that it conforms to EN standards

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Sky Country Evolution-X: EN D paraglider with aspect ratio of 7.3

Sky Country claim the Evolution-X is the first ever paraglider with an aspect ratio over 7 to achieve EN certification.

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Sky Eris 4 competition paraglider

Czech company Sky have completed their new competition paraglider for 2011: The Eris 4 is a three-liner with top stability with its performance, aimed at newcomers to competition wings.

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APCO’s new paraglider accessories

APCO have some new accessories for 2011: Neoprene instrument pouches for vario, GPS and radio, and a paraglider packing strap with a pre-flight checklist printed across it.

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