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Cross Country Issue 134 Contents

GALLERY: Rite of Passage

Cross Country Issue 134 Gallery: Rite of Passage


The Bazaruto Dune

You’ve never seen anything like it. Kicking off our High Adventure special Gavin McClurg and Jody MacDonald fly a monster 30km dune in Mozambique


The Buddhas of Bamiyan

‘I have always sought out adventure.’ Aid worker Duncan Penry steps lightly and soars Afghanistan’s famous Bamiyan Buddhas


Boom Shankar

John Silvester ends the season with a bang and flies around 5,653m Manimahesh Kailash, the sacred home of Shiva in North India


Gold Fever Mongolia

‘Russia wasn’t done with us yet.’ Three friends from France go on an awesome 400km vol-bivouac through the Golden Mountains of Altai


Dance with the Devil - Lanzarote

Baking black lava, sulphuric volcanic cones and knife-edged ridges. Tom Weissenberger flies the badlands of Lanzarote


Cross Country Issue 134 Nova Mentor2 Review

Cross Country Issue 134 Light Weight Pods Review

Marcus King wades through the online hype and flies the Nova Mentor 2 then steps into the Advance Lightness and Sup’Air Shamane lightweight pods

PLUS Paragliding World Cup in Colombia, record breaking Forbes, Manilla XC Camp, New Zealand speedflying boogie, tandem records in Kenya, Squash Falconer, thermalling tips from Mads Syndergaard and Bob Drury, sea breezes and all the new products and news from the paragliding and hang gliding industry.

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