Sky Paragliders: Eos comp wing

Winter testing of Sky Paragliders' Eos comp wing

Winter testing of Sky Paragliders' Eos comp wing

Sky Paragliders are getting set to release their new two-line competition glider in time for the European spring season.

The Eos will be available in nine sizes, with a weight range of 65kg to 125kg. It will have an aspect ratio of 7.65.

Sky say the glide ratio should be “greater than 11” and the glider will have a top speed of 65km/h.

“The great point will be handling in thermals,” said Sky’s Philippe Clerjon. “We now have very good feedback from the first tests, and are going ahead with this great project.”

He added, “The glider should compete against the new Ozone and Gin comp machines.”

The glider is designed by Pierre Yves Alloix.

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