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All set for a great third task: British Paragliding Open Slovenia 2011

British Paragliding Open 2011: To run with the foxes or chase with the hounds

Craig lead the pack from the start, but raced himself to the ground halfway round. Mark Watts won the day.

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The green green grass of Slovenia: task three of the British Paragliding Open 2011

British Paragliding Open 2011: Negative schmegative …

Despite some worrying incidents elsewhere in the comp and his ongoing concerns with comp wings, Mark has a great day on his serial class wing, and more positives than negatives.

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British Paragliding Open 2011: Peaks and troughs

Craig refrains from kicking his helmet round his imposed landing spot somewhere other than the 98km goal field, and consoles himself with a pint.

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British Paragliding Open 2011: Flyable, but not fun

Task two, and Mark is getting into the ‘flying for fun’ thing, and has decided that smiles beat trophies, any day.

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British Paragliding Open 2011: Neil Roberts wins task one

Good weather on Sunday sees the first task of the British Paragliding Open in Slovenia. Neil Roberts wins.

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British Paragliding Open 2011: Glass half-full or glass half-empty?

Mark flies his serial class paraglider for the first time in the first task, and finds it very different to the hotships he’s used to.

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The Big Guns: Mark Hayman does the tourist thing in Soce, Slovenia

British Paragliding Open 2011: The Big Guns

Friday night brought a cold front to the Soča valley, and a no-flying day on the Saturday

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British Paragliding Champion Craig Morgan training hard

British Paragliding Open 2011: Slovenia: Rain fuelled banter

It’s raining and, with six Brits holed up in a small house in Slovenia, this can only mean one thing – banter

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Video: Panamerican Hang Gliding Championships 2011

Herminio Cordido reports from Mexico’s Panamerican Hang Gliding Championships

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British Paragliding Open Slovenia 2011 blog banner

British Paragliding Open 2011: Slovenia

Mark Hayman and Craig Morgan report from the 2011 British Paragliding Championships in Slovenia

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Red Bull Elements 2011 poster

Team Red Bull Austria win Red Bull Elements 2011

Team Red Bull Austria wins Red Bull Elements

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Find out all you need to know about Advance's Sigma 8 on the iPhone

Advance Sigma 8 iPhone app

Advance have bundled their info pages on the EN C Sigma 8 into a free iPhone app.

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Babu Sunuwar on the summit of Everest at 8.50am 21 May 2011, shortly before his flight from the summit. Photo: Babu Sunuwar/Lakpa Tshering Sherpa

Babu Sunuwar flies off Everest

Tandem pair fly 20km XC from 8848m summit

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Paragliding World Cup

Paragliding World Cup 2011: Mun Gyeong

Jack Brown (US) wins the comp after only two tasks flown

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The winners' podium. L-R: Max Mittmann, Thomas Hofbauer, Chrigel Maurer. Photo: Petra Bewertung,

Bordairline 2011: Thomas Hofbauer wins first race

Thomas Hofbauer wins first 2011 Bordairline adventure race

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XCmag 2011 prize draw sponsors logos

Win a paraglider with Cross Country Magazine

Subscribe to Cross Country magazine and you could win a paraglider

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Red Bull Elements 2011 poster

Red Bull Elements at Annecy

Paragliding to star in French multi-sport adventure race

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Acro World Cup 2011: AcroOluDeniz

Pal Takats wins the Acro World Cup in Olu Deniz

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Jean-Baptiste Chandelier: Filmmaker and paraglier pilot

XC360 2011: Jean Baptiste Chandelier

We speak to the man behind that brilliant ‘paragliding music video’

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Neville Almond

UK hang gliding record broken

Neville Almond flies hang glider 269km to new record

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