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Chrigel Maurer launches from Mont Gros, Roquebrune, Monaco to win the 2009 Red Bull X-Alps

Paragliding at Monaco/Roquebrune suspended

Paragliding and hang gliding suspended from Mont Gros at Roquebrune, Monaco from the 1 July 2011

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Dutch masters ... Chavert and Hans ter Maat, father and son paragliding champions

Hans ter Maat wins Dutch Open Flatlands Competition 2011

Father and son come first and second in this unique flatland comp

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Antoine Girard completes the tour five minutes before the cutoff time, and is the winner of the first ever Airtour

St Hil’Airtour 2011: the last day

The last day meant fantastic flights for some, and all day on foot for others. The winner, Antoine Giraud, completed the entire tour and flew into goal with five minutes to spare.

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Fiesta del Aire 2011, Mexico

Video: Herminio Cordido at the Fiesta del Aire 2011

Mexico’s Coupe Icare attracted over 100 pilots in May

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Charlie flying from the Col de Aparitatz above Ugine

St Hil’Airtour 2011: Groundtouring and tree landing

After yesterday’s disappointing and frustrating day, I’d hoped today would be extra good. The morning was sunny and cloudless, except for the pileus hat on Mont Blanc

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Charlie climbing on the Aravis

St Hil’Airtour 2011: Going round in circles

“My day has gone from bad to worse. Wish I’d done what I’d wanted to. Now set myself back hours and hours of walking ☹ not fun any more”

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Feet holding up well

St Hil’Airtour 2011: Half way point

Day three is over, so we are halfway through the Airtour, timewise if not distance-wise. The car is doubling up as a fairly ineffective drying room after last night’s downpour soaked everything, and is starting to smell like a cheese factory

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Charlie eating lunch and changing shoes before the next section of the hike

St Hil’Airtour 2011: A day of walking

We woke to a grey sky with the odd shower coming through but still the hope it would be flyable from the top of Colombier…

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Squash Falconer on Mount Everest

Video: Squash Falconer’s Everest paraglide attempt

‘One out of two isn’t bad.’ A 14-minute film of trying to paraglide on top of the world

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Summiting the Col de Marocaz

St Hil’Airtour 2011: More walking than flying

Charlie King flies and walks 36km on her first day of the 289km adventure race.

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Alex Hofer. Photo: Red Bull X-Alps

Red Bull X-Alps 2011: Alex Hofer out after injury

X-Alps star suffers back injury after accident in Alps

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The race start of the 2011 St Hil'Airtour

St Hil’Airtour 2011: The race is on

Bleary eyed competitors gathered on the north launch at St Hilaire this morning for the start of the 2011 St Hil’Airtour.

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Group photo of the competitors and their supporters

St Hil’Airtour 2011: Practise day

Charlie King reports from the start of the 289km adventure race

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Whoosh! wheels 2.0 for aerofoil section hang glider base tube

Whoosh! version 2.0 hang glider base bar wheels

Whoosh! version 2.0 are sturdy wheels for hang glider base bars, with interchangeable hubs

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Kortel Kockpit II paragliding cockpit

Kortel paragliding cockpit

French paraglider manufacturer have improved their cockpit, to create the Kockpit II.

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SPOT Locator smartphone app

SPOT Locator smartphone app

SPOT Locator is an app for Windows 7 smartphones, that enables you to view the location of, and messages sent by, a SPOT device.

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Air Design's EN B Vita

Air Design Vita, entry level EN B paraglider

The Vita is a low-end EN B paraglider suitable for school use and cross country flying

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St Hil’Airtour 2011: Heading north

The car’s packed and we’re off up to St Hilaire for the start of the Airtour.

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Airtour Adventure Race Blog

Charlie King blogs from the Airtour, mini-X-Alps style adventure race that starts in St Hilaire du Touvet, France, on 21 June.

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Sky Paragliders' Excite 3 performance harness

Sky Paragliders’ certified Excite 3 harness

The Excite 3 is an EN-certified sport and competition harness from Sky, with a detachable speed bag

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