Solar-powered vario from Compass

The Beeper, a new solar-powered vario from Compass

The Beeper, a new solar-powered vario from Compass

The Beeper is the new solar-powered, audio-only variometer from Italian flight instrument specialist, Compass.

Compass say the tiny, matchbox-sized device which only weighs 32g, is an extremely sensitive vario, and its sound is customisable.
Compass instruments sound system diagram for Beeper vario

You can download their CSS (Compass Sound System) PC software from their website, and use it to create virtually any sound you like, and then upload it to your Compass vario (it works for the Beeper, or its big brother, the C-Pilot Pro).

The Beeper is available in orange, black or white at a cost of around €160.

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  1. Fouefus domesticus
    August 5, 2015 at 1:49 pm #

    For half the price, you get the same or even better => le bip bip

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