Ager Women’s Open 2011: Day 0

British pilot and blogger Judith Mole introduces the Ager Women’s Paragliding Open. She’s blogging the week-long competition that runs 28 August to 3 September 2011

Judith Mole...'s mole in the Ager Women's Paragliding Open

Judith Mole...'s mole in the Ager Women's Paragliding Open

It’s been hot and sunny in Ager, where we start the Women’s Open on Sunday. I have come early to get some flying done, as well as to help out with, and soak up the atmosphere, at the Ager World Cup.

I have done little flying, but have been rushing around helping out with the organisation. It’s been an education – watching the smiles, tears and tantrums of the competitors and the organisation! We’ve had a bunch of good tasks so far and I am hoping this bodes well for next week.

Some of next week’s competitors have already arrived and most will make their way here tomorrow, in readiness for registration and practice day on Sunday. In between we’re all going to the end of comp party for the World Cup. Two parties in a week. Just the way I like it!

Unfortunately a number of women who came last year can’t make it this year and we have none of the top three to defend their titles.

We have also lost some competitors to injury and Sandra Monse, part of the organisation team, will be sorely missed. What is great though is that we have a group of Norwegian and Japanese women, our first Dutch group and lots more nations represented.

Last year the British contingent was the second largest after the French, but this year only Claire Furminger and I are here. Next year, ladies…

So, my favourite comp will start again soon and I can’t wait for the camaraderie, great flying and the landing at the lake. My bikini and towel are already in the harness.

If you would like to know more about the first Women’s Paragliding Open and why I think you should have women only comps, see my write up of last year’s comp in the UK’s national association magazine :

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Ager Women’s Open 2011

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