Ager Women’s Open 2011: Day 6

The final day… Judith Mole reports

Class of 2011: Las Chicas at the Ager Women's Paragliding Open 2011 (Click for a bigger version). Photo: Judith Mole

Class of 2011: Las Chicas at the Ager Women's Paragliding Open 2011 (Click for a bigger version). Photo: Judith Mole

The sky looked angry when we woke up, but then cleared slightly. What was apparent even from the ground was the strong easterly wind. We went up the hill anyway, but cloud base had sunk to launch height and the east wind was way too strong. Signe was the only one to put her hand up when we were asked if we wanted to fly, so she was the task winner for today.

Instead of flying we had a pilot’s meeting to discuss any improvements we could make in future and how we might attract more women to come to a future Women’s Open. The next WPO will probably be in Brazil in March. We hope so anyway!

The prize giving and party were streamed live over the internet and if you missed the fun, you can see what we got up to here.

Winners were:

1 Yayoi Ito (JP, Ozone Mantra M4)
2 Laurie Genovese (FR, Sky Eos)
3 Nicole McLearn (CA, Gradient Avax XC3)

Serial Class (EN D)
1 Yayoi Ito (JP, Ozone Mantra M4)
2 Nicole McLearn (CA, Gradient Axax XC3)
3 Sabine Duvivier (FR, Axispara Venus)

Sports Class (EN C)
1 Catherine Bartoldi (CH, Ozone Delta)
2 Patricia García de Letona (MX, Ozone Delta)
3 Mara Fulvia Uberti (IT, Niviuk Artik 2)

Fun Class (EN A/B)
1 Heidi Insam (IT, Nova Mentor)
2 Quiona Pujol (ES, Nova Mentor)
3 Judith Mole (GB, Axis Vega II)

1 Ananas II (Laurie Genovese, Sabine Duvivier, Christelle Lamoine, Marie Christine Labourdette)
2 Nadeshico Japan (Yayoi Ito, Yuki Sato, Sayuri Takahashi)
3 The Kips ( Daniela Hofer, Ariane Kuenzli, Catherine Bartholdi, Caroline Lanoye)

Ager Women’s Open 2011

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