Paragliding World Cup Superfinal 2011: Light conditions and no-one in goal on Task 6

PWC Superfinal 2011 task six

PWC Superfinal 2011 task six. Click to go to Task Map Viewer

It wasn’t raining and skies were looking “better” when pilots awoke on 31 January, and a 92.85km task was set for task six. However, conditions were light again, getting lighter and lighter as the afternoon wore on and pilots unfortunately ran out of time before anyone made goal.

The day’s winner was Charles Cazaux of France, with 79.301km flown. Stephan Morgenthaler (CH) was second and Josh Cohn (US) third. Regula Strasser flew the furthest of the women, just under 60km.

The PWC’s website reported a tricky day where a climb rate of 2m/s was a rarity worth writing home about. There were, they say, some “epic” low saves, viewed by pilots at home on their Live Tracking system which they have said is working much better now – so keep an eye on it when today’s task starts.

The top two pilots in the overall results are now separated by a mere three points: Jean-Marc Caron of France has squeaked into first ahead of Switzerland’s Peter Neuenschwander. Lucas Bernardin is in third place for France, and the country remains top of the Nations leaderboard. In fact, the top three countries, and the top three women, remain unchanged after task six.

RESULTS Superfinal Task 6


1. Charles Cazaux FR – Ozone EnZo – 79.301km
2. Stephan Morgenthaler CH – Ozone EnZo – 77.773km
3. Josh Cohn US – Ozone EnZo – 77.823km


1. Regula Strasser CH – Ozone Mantra M4 (61st overall) – 59.859km
2. Petra Slivova CZ– Gin Boomerang X (67th overall) – 55.639km
3. Seiko Fukuoka-Naville FR – Ozone Mantra M4 (69th overall) – 54.246km

RESULTS Superfinal Overall after Task 6


1. Jean-Marc Caron FR  – Inviuk Icepeak 6 – 3,979 points
2. Peter Neuenschwander CH – Ozone EnZo – 3,976 points
3. Lucas Bernardin FR – Niviuk Icepeak 6 – 3,971 points


1. Petra Slivova CZ – Gin Boomerang X – 2,859 points
2. Seiko Fukuoka-Naville FR  – Ozone Mantra M4 – 2,629 points
3. Regula Strasser CH  – Ozone Mantra M4 – 2,479 points


1. France
2. Switzerland
3. Italy


1. Spalti
2. Niviuk

All results from task six can be seen here and the overall rankings are here.

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