Nova’s new SuSi and Susi Q – ‘Four wings in one’

The Nova SuSi

The Nova SuSi

Nova’s new SuSi, their ‘Super Simple’ paraglider is now available through their entire dealer network, Nova have announced.

The minimalist glider is “more than just a new wing,” the company said. “Nova is once again entering uncharted terrain – we are opening up a completely new category of paraglider.”

The glider is aimed at four types of pilots, including schools, pilots looking for relaxed flying, mini wing pilots and hike-and-fly pilots.

Depending on how you want to fly it – as a regular paraglider, or as a specialist mini wing – you can pick a size to suit. As a standard paraglider aimed at schools and pilots searching for safe, relaxing flying the SuSi is certified EN A in five sizes, from XXS to L covering a weight range from 60kg to 130kg.

As a mini wing the glider is certified EN D in four sizes, 14m2, 16m2, 18m2 and 20m2, depending on what weight you fly it at, and is also available as an uncertified wing at 10m2 and 12m2.

The mini wings are called SuSi Q – the Q stands for “Quick”, Nova said – and are aimed at experienced pilots.

“The higher the wing loading the more experience a wing needs,” Nova said, “As a result only experienced pilots should fly the SuSi Q.”

Test pilot and co-designer Philipp Medicus said: “The SuSi Q is not a speed flyer with poor performance. Instead it is a proper paraglider. And is is not one of the ‘mini wings’, which are synonymous for small-surface wings without certification. Instead we wanted to make a mini wing with certification.”

The 14m2 SuSi Q will be “the smallest certified wing in the world,” said Philipp.

The basic design on all SuSi and SuSi Q models and sizes is identical, Nova said: 28 profile ribs, upper and bottom sail, three risers and polyamide-rods on the leading edge.

“The significant difference between the SuSi and SuSi Q is found in the fabric,” Nova said. “The standard SuSi is sewn from 30 denier Dominico cloth, whereas we use a 20 denier Dominico fabric on the upper sail and – super expensive – 10 denier Dominico fabric on the bottom sail on SuSi Q.”

The glider is the result of a long term project in Nova to create a “super simple” glider. Known for the Prion, Ion, Mentor and Factor paragliders, as well as the Ibex and Shockwave mini wings, designers Hannes Papesh and Philipp Medicus wanted to merge the expertise and experience learned in designing both standard paragliders and mini wings, they said.

“It can be easier to design a more complex wing in comparison with such a stripped-down concept like the SuSi,” said Hannes. “At least when you want to fulfil such strict criteria in certain characteristics as we actually did.”

He added: “The SuSi is one concept, but four different uses – the absolute minimum for what we need to go flying.”

More information from Nova.

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