Sky Paragliders announce the Atis 4

The Atis 4, EN B paraglider

The Atis 4, EN B paraglider

Sky Paragliders have said they have four new gliders planned for 2013. They include:

The Fides 4, EN A, described as a glider “with easy launch and well balanced steering, suitable for a broad range of pilots.”

The Atis 4, EN B, “a wing for those who would like to enjoy the performance and still have passive safety of the real EN B category … perfect for long XC flights.”

The Metyis 3, “a certified EN B tandem wing.”

And the Eole, “a training and ground handling tool designed for flying schools.”

Sky Paragliders have also released four harnesses, the GII 2 for schools, the Reverse 3 all in one, the Skylight 2 ultralight and the Skylighter high performance harness.

More at Sky Paragliders.

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