Cross Country Offer: Save up to 10% on SIV courses around the world

Learning the theory of pitch at Flyeo in Annecy. Photo: Ed Ewing

Learning the theory of pitch at Flyeo in Annecy. Photo: Ed Ewing

Good SIV and pilotage training makes you a safer and better pilot. It doesn’t matter what level pilot you are – a good trainer will develop your skills so that you know exactly how to react if things go wrong.

In recent years, it’s become increasingly commonplace for competition pilots to do a refresher course every 12 months, and we think every pilot should do at least one. CIVL and test pilots the world over are trying to get the message out as to just how important they are.

To try and make them even more accessible, Cross Country magazine has teamed up with four of the world’s best SIV and pilotage instructors to give subscribers an exclusive discount on training. Don’t think too much about it – just do it. You won’t regret it – we promise.

Subscribers can get a discount with Jocky Sanderson, Flyeo in Annecy, Eagle Paragliding and the Profly Team. To qualify, you must be a subscriber to Cross Country magazine at the time of booking, and you must book before 31 August 2013.

If you’re not a current subscriber, you can take out a new subscription, no problem, at


Flyeo are based in Annecy, France, and are world-renowned for their advanced training of competition and XC pilots in pilotage and SIV. They speak French and English. TO BOOK: Call +33 (0) 625 98 31 26, or email and ask for the 10% XCSIV discount.

Jocky Sanderson runs SIV and acro clinics across Europe and Australia – he’s the world’s most experienced instructor, teaching SIV for over 20 years. TO BOOK: Book online and enter ‘XCSIV’ to qualify for a 7% discount.

Eagle Paragliding’s Brad Gunnuscio is fast gaining a reputation as the USA’s top SIV trainer. Eagle offer 3 day clinics in California. TO BOOK: Call +1 805 968 0980 and quote ‘XCSIV’ to get a 7% discount.

The Profly Team, headed up by the hugely experienced Michael Nesler and Gudrun Öchsl, co-authors of Acrobatics, run courses at Lake Garda in Italy. TO BOOK: Call +39 334 301 8880 or email and quote ‘XCSIV’ for a 10% discount.

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