Coupe Icare 2013: Celebrating 40 years

Live streaming from the Coupe Icare Saturday 21 September 12.30-3.30pm local time

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The Coupe Icare, the four day free flight festival that marks the end of the European summer flying season starts on Thursday 19 September.

This is the 40th anniversary of the Coupe Icare, which is held each year in the alpine village of St Hilaire du Touvet.

The Coupe Icare 2013 poster, featuring Monsieur Acro Duck

The Coupe Icare 2013 poster, featuring Monsieur Acro Duck

Last year organisers say 80,000 spectators and 10,000 pilots showed up, making it one of the biggest ever Coupe Icares. And this year over 900 volunteers and 100 professionals help the party go with an ever bigger bang.

Highlights will include the amazing masquerade launch, where pilots take off en masse in fancy dress, the film festival, a huge trade show and aerial displays from professional pilots around the world.

We’ll be there, Tweeting and posting videos and news to Facebook, so if you can’t drop by the Cross Country stand to say hello, check in online to see what’s going on.

Plus, there will be live streaming of the launch on both Saturday and Sunday, when the fancy dress flying takes part.

The weather forecast for the four days (so far) is good.

Useful addresses include:

The Coupe Icare

The Coupe Icare on Facebook (no account needed)

Live streaming from the Coupe Icare

Les Icares du Cinema (Film Festival)

Cross Country on Facebook (no account needed)

Cross Country on Twitter

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