Chasing the Tiger Line in Brazil

Paragliding in Quixada, Brazil. Photo: Felix Wolk

When you’re faced with a tiger in the flatlands of Brazil what do you do? Turn and run the other way or stare it down and fly faster?

Photographer Felix Wolk spent weeks in north east Brazil chasing distance across the fabled flatlands of Quixada (pronounced Kee-shada).

This record-breaking XC paradise is one of the world’s best spots to go distance flying – already this season hang glider pilots have flown over 500km here, with other pilots close behind.

Felix didn’t just bring back a datacard full of amazing images – awesome though they are. He brought back precious knowledge of how to fly this site, including how to chase the ‘Tiger Line’, a go-for-it technique for low-saves.

Flying here is not as simple as simply pointing your toes and booting it down wind.

You need technique and commitment to take off in the strong wind on launch, belief to understand that you will be able to stay up in the weak thermals of early morning, and then tenacity to fly for hours before the day truly turns on.

Then you need commitment to keep going, and going and going. If you’re chasing records and personal bests then this is the place: but remember guys, this is no Disneyland.

Felix’s story made the cover issue 150 – and it will make you dream big.

Find out more: Cross Country 150

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