Nova Ion 3, EN B: Champagne moment

Paragliding coach Pat Dower is usually found on a racing blade, carving out long XCs and pushing at the edge of performance. So this issue we asked him to jump on Nova’s latest all-round EN B, the Nova Ion 3.

Aimed at ‘everyman’, from new pilots to those who want to fly XC with maximum passive security, Pat wasn’t phased, especially when we upped the ante with the promise of champagne if he cracked the ton.

Pat writes:

We all face dilemmas about glider choices at times – one that affects more than most is which glider to choose in the EN B category. The width of the B category is well documented. The higher-end ones being very EN C in character yet the lower-end EN B gliders have much more in common with the EN A class.

In general we all want the same thing: great performance AND high levels of safety.

We want a glider that will look after us in tough conditions, but not one that will bore us to tears after a few flights. Nova recognise all this as much as any manufacturer and have long been championing real XC performance for the masses.

The editor of this magazine set me the challenge: fly 100km in the UK on the Ion 3 and I’ll buy you a bottle of champagne. How could I resist?

The full review is in issue 153.

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