Seiko Fukuoka sets four records in five days

Seiko Fukuoka at the PWCA Superfinal in Brazil in January. Photo: Elisa Eisenlohr

Seiko Fukuoka at the PWCA Superfinal in Brazil in January. Photo: Elisa Eisenlohr


Seiko Fukuoka has continued her record-breaking season by claiming four more records in the first few days of May.

On 1 May she flew a 150km triangle and claimed both the General and the Women’s world record for speed over a 150km triangle, flying at an average speed of 32.68km/h.

Then on 3 May she flew 331.2km to claim a Women’s European record for straight distance.

And on 5 May she claimed a Women’s World record for speed over a 100km triangle, flying at 31.89km/h.

The 150km triangle was flown from Gourdon in the south of France and the 100km triangle was flown from Marlens near Annecy, France.

The 331.2km flight was flown from Jeufosse, north of Paris. She was part of the squadron of French Team pilots that all flew 300km flights the same day. Luc Armant set a new French record at 369km.

Greenscreen … Seiko interviewed at the Superfinal in Roldanillo, Colombia, 2012

The haul puts her total tally of records at eight: seven world records and one European. All but one have been flown this season.

Her records include:

20 November 2012: Open distance, women’s world record, 336.4km

28 March 2014: Speed over 50km triangle, women’s world record, 34.69km/h

11 April 2014: Speed over 25km triangle, women’s world record, 42.89km/h

12 April 2014: Speed over 100km out-and-return, women’s world record, 31.89km/h

1 May 2014: Speed over 150km triangle, women’s world record, 32.68km/h

1 May 2014: Speed over 150km triangle, world record, 32.68km/h

3 May 2014: European open distance, women’s record, 331.2km

5 May 2014: Speed over 100km triangle, women’s world record, 30.59km/h

Seiko has flown an Ozone R12 on all her records this year. All the records are with the FAI for ratification.


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