Fly Electronics MotoMonitor flight instrument

Fly Electronics MotoMonitor

Fly Electronics have unveiled their new MotoMonitor, a wireless, all-in-one flight instrument that monitors your engine and that can communicate with Fly Electronics’ MeteoStation weather stations to give you real-time information about the weather at ground level.

The instrument is very small (credit-card size) with a large screen that almost fills it, and information displayed in a large, clear and customisable font.

The MotoMonitor measures the following:

  • RPM
  • EGT
  • CHT
  • Time of flight
  • Total flight time
  • Fuel level
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Current speed
  • Distance from start
  • Estimated return time (at current speed)
  • Altitude
  • Covered distance
  • Direction
  • Wind direction (PSR® technology),
  • Wind indicator comparing to flight direction (PSR® technology),

Polaczone Systemy Rozproszone (PSR®) is the technology that communicates with Fly Electronics’ MeteoStation weather stations.

Fly Electronics are partners with Vitorazzi and Minari, and say they have tested the instrument on a range of engines.

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