Cross Country magazine to go to 10 issues a year

Subscribe to Cross Country and get 10 issues a year plus a free Travel Guide

Subscribe to Cross Country and get 10 issues a year plus a free Travel Guide

Cross Country magazine is going to be bigger and better then ever from January 2015, as the magazine gets bigger and increases the number of issues published each year.

The magazine will go from six issues to 10 issues a year, and the number of pages will increase from 100 to 132.

Other changes at the magazine will include more coverage of paramotoring – powered paragliding – as the content from the current Paramotor Magazine is merged into Cross Country.

Cross Country magazine editor Ed Ewing explained the changes. “At the moment we have two magazines. Cross Country is all about free flying – paragliding and hang gliding – while Paramotor Magazine is all about powered paragliding.

“However, with the new magazine we’re putting everything to do with the sports into one bigger, more frequent magazine.

“The new Cross Country will cover paragliding, paramotoring, hang gliding, acro, speed-flying, wing-suiting – it’s all going to be in it. Our aim is to create one amazing monthly magazine that captures the heart of soul of what we love to do – go flying.”

The last standalone issue of Paramotor Magazine was issue 45, published in October/November 2014.

Marcus King, editor of Paramotor Magazine and Cross Country’s designer, said: “We’re excited by the changes. We’ve been working on the plan for several months now, and it really makes sense.

“It will bring paramotoring to a much wider audience, and will allow Cross Country readers to see the amazing things that happen in their sister sport.

“There is a lot of cross-over between pilots now – free flight pilots who fly paramotors, or powered pilots who have a lightweight wing for hike-and-fly. We want to represent that.”

Cross Country and Paramotor Magazine publisher Hugh Miller said the new changes would bring benefits to readers and pilots around the world. “I’ve been involved in Cross Country for years, and we always get pilots asking for more. This is our way of doing that. We’re excited to be launching the new, bigger and better Cross Country magazine in January.”

He added: “Pilots should look out for an email from us explaining the changes. We’re determined to make the transition from two bi-monthly magazines to one much bigger magazine as smoothly as possible.”

The new Cross Country will be published 10 times a year, with bi-monthly issues in the northern hemisphere winter months of Dec/Jan and Feb/March, and monthly for the rest of the year.

The next issue, issue 157, will be published in the first week of January 2015. It will be bundled with the annual Cross Country Travel Guide and will be sent to all current subscribers of Cross Country and Paramotor magazines.

Cross Country has been published since 1988 and is the world’s only international magazine about paragliding, paramotoring and hang gliding.

For more information, read Cross Country changes: Your questions answered.

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