PXP’s new Corus paramotor frame

PXP Corus paramotor frame

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PXP paramotor have announced their new Corus frame, which has an aerodynamic droplet-shaped cage profile and can be dismantled or built in five minutes, no tools needed.

The cage supports are curved, giving the pilot more space, and all the parts are available as spares – peace of mind in case you do break something.

The company say the double engine fixing plate offers extra rigidity and decreases the engine vibrations transmitted to the pilot. Different plates are available so you can easily change engines.

One element PXP have retained from their previous machines is their stainless steel arms, because they believe they had already got these just right. An adjustment system means they can be moved to compensate for the torque of whichever engine you choose to fly with.

Because looks are important, the anodised frame is available in black/red, black/orange, black/blue or black/aluminium (or for a fee you can choose your own), and the 16-litre fuel tank will be black (not in the picture) with a petrol-level viewer or digital fuel meter – no more nasty yellowing fuel tank. The tank has an aluminium cap with a breathing valve.

The new lighter harness (2.5kg) was especially designed for the Corus. It has comfortable back padding, can take a rescue chute, and is available in five sizes.

The Corus is available with three cage sizes (1300 / 1400 / 1450 mm) and these engine options:

Clutch: Fly 100 Evo Plus / Sky 110 S / Thor 130 / Thor 200 Evo / Thor 250
Belt: Minari 180 – 180 º / Minari 180 – 90 º / Moster 185 all models / Thor 190


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