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UP Horizon 2015 T-shirt

UP’s 2015 paragliding T-shirts

UP have a new 100% cotton T-shirt design ready for the European summer. The ‘Horizon’ design is available in green, black and blue and sizes S, M, L and XL. It “looks stylish on the hill and off”, say UP. Available from UP dealers. • Got news? Send it to us at Subscribe to the world’s […]

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Nova Team

Nova announce 2015 Team

Nova have announced the pilots that will be joining their team for 2015. The 20 new members include junior pilots, female newcomers and experienced pilots, plus there is a whole new team of eight French pilots captained by Sebastien Fiastre who will be scoring points in the CFD, the French cross-country league. Nova first set up their […]

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Pre-European HG Championships 2015

Hang Gliding World and European Championship dates

CIVL have announced that a Class 5 World championships event will take part in Krusevo, Macedonia, from 16 to 30 July 2016, at the same time and on the same site as the European Class 1 Championships. The practice event will take place on August 16 to 23, 2015, and is open to Class 1 and […]

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CIVL competitions coordinator

CIVL seek competition coordinator

CIVL are looking to recruit a new competitions coordinator. Applications to be received by 23 April 2016. The press release from CIVL is as follows: The Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (CIVL) is seeking a suitable person to act as Competitions Coordinator Officer. The successful applicant will have some knowledge […]

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Apco Lift Ez

Apco Lift EZ – reflex PPG wing for all pilots

The Lift EZ is Apco’s latest paramotor wing, designed to be easy to fly for all pilots from beginners to experts. Apco say it has the performance of the Lift and a similar feel, with the same speed range and trim speed, but is much easier to take off, fly and land. During the design process […]

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Flytec Connect 1 vario

Flytec Connect 1 test pilot selection

Flytec have reported that over 100 applications responded to their call for test pilots for their new Connect 1 ‘smartvario,’ in the first 24 hours of them having posted it.  Applications are being received until 6 April 2015. Flytec say the first units will be ready by the end of March 2015, of which the first 100 will be sold to the […]

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AirDesign Ride 2

AirDesign Ride 2 tandem paraglider

AirDesign have upgraded the Ride tandem, and say the new Ride 2 has improved launch characteristics and more agile, responsive handling. AD say the wing turns nice and tightly with minimal effort, feeling much like a solo wing to pilot. The fedback is solid yet brake pressure is light and comfortable, increasing progressively right through to the stall […]

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Ozone Rapido

Ozone Rapido speed wing

Ozone say the Rapido is a new design of speed wing for experienced speedriding pilots who are pushing the limits of steep carving flights, low barrel rolls, and long swoops. It features a wider glide range, higher trim speed and wider acceleration window than the other speed wings in Ozone’s range. • Got news? […]

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Nova concertina packing bag

Nova’s concertina packing bag

Nova’s concertina packing bag is made from waterproof fabric, but breathes thanks to mesh inserts. It has an integral riser bag and straps to keep things compact. Actually, say Nova, the rods they use in the leading edge of their wings are small and soft and you can’t damage them, so there’s no need to […]

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Ozone Atom 3

Ozone’s Atom 3: EN A school wing

Ozone believe their new school wing, the Atom 3 to be one of the safest and simplest-to-use wings they ever flown. It replaces the Element series of intro school gliders, and is designed for all levels of student training from first flights to soaring, top landing, thermalling and qualification. Particular attention has been made to the […]

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Apco split-legs paramotor harness

Apco’s split-legged paramotor harness

Apco have designed a split-legged harness for paramotorists. Light in weight, they say it offers an unencumbered take-off and easy weightshifting. The lack of a seat plate saves weight, and the harness weighs in at under 1.5kg. It is available in high- and low-hangpoint versions, one size fits all (with a zippered back extender) and is comfortable […]

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Axis Pluto 3

Axis Pluto 3: EN B for paramotor and free flying

Axis’s Pluto 3 is a low-end EN B paraglider that Axis say is a very comfortable and user-friendly wing for both paragliding and paramotoring. A four-liner with a modest aspect ratio of 5.4, the Pluto 3 has a sharknose profile and an overall line consumption that is a massive 38% lower than the previous version, and […]

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Polini Thor 200/250 Tractor Mounting Kit

Polini Thor 200/250 tractor configuration mounting kit

Polini Motori have produced a new mounting kit to fit the Thor 200 and 250 engines on ultralight vehicles so that they can work in tractor configuration. The kit includes an aluminum plate, spacers, fixing screws and special shocking-dumper rubbers which grant the resistance to traction. The frame needs seven connection points. The drawing with the technical […]

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Little Cloud Grasshopper harness

Little Cloud’s Grasshopper pod harness

Mini wing specialists Little Cloud have unveiled a new pod harness. The Grasshopper uses a no-buckle strap-in system that reduces the risk of taking off without being correctly secured. The front-mounted reserve container, which closes with 6 pins to reduce the risk of unintentional deployment, is mounted on the harness waist belt. This waist belt is directly […]

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Axis Venus 4

Axis Venus 4: EN D

Axis have released a new EN-D paraglider, the Venus 4. It’s aimed at “demanding XC pilots” and makes a good choice for competition pilots wanting a bit of extra security say Axis. A three-liner with a sharknose profile, Axis say the performance of the Venus 4 is not far from that of CCC class wings, yet it […]

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Kortel Kolibri Pro

Kortel Kolibri Pro pod harness is 827g all-in

Kortel have revealed the weight of their radically lightened Kolibri harness, made for their X-Alps pilots: 827g including speedbar, reserve handle and soft links.  The company had an online competition, getting pilots to guess its weight. Here they reveal the result: Kortel say the Kolibri Pro has the same geometry, comfort and agility as the full-fat Kolibri. It […]

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Fresh Breeze X-One trike

Fresh Breeze X-One trike

Fresh Breeze say that no ground is too uneven, no student too inexperienced and no journey too long for their new single-seater trike, the X-One. It’s available with a choice of four engines and comes with a 28 litre fuel tank, which can give up to nine hours’ flight time. It also has full suspension with 25cm-travel […]

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AirDesign single-skin UFO

AirDesign’s single-skin UFO

The UFO is AirDesign’s new single-skin paraglider. At 16m2 the Ultralight Flying Object weighs just 1.7kg, and is a “light and useable” glider for mountain adventures, say the team. Developed by Stephan Stieglair and Joe Keppler, AD say the UFO has good speed and durability, is very easy to launch and feels similar to a conventional glider to fly. Our main […]

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Ozone Mojo 5

Ozone Mojo 5 – EN A paraglider

The Mojo 5 may be the fifth iteration of Ozone’s EN A wing, but it’s a whole new design, say Ozone, and better at every level. A safe and solid wing it’s lighter, easier to launch, more comfortable and fun to fly, with more precise handling. With an increased number of cells and totally new […]

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Niviuk Octagon reserve parachute

Niviuk Octagon: lightweight, low oscillation parachute

Niviuk have released the Octagon, an octagonal-shaped reserve, made in collaboration with Vital Parachutes.  Light in weight, at just 1.39kg in M, Niviuk say it offers a very steady, low oscillation descent at a maximum rate of 4.9m/s. We chose the Octagon for being one of the most advanced and secure parachutes on the market. […]

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