Cross Country 167: What’s in the latest issue

The latest issue of Cross Country magazine is out now – and features everything from flying at the World Air Games in Dubai to getting high as a kite in the Himalaya.


World Air Games Dubai
The World Air Games in Dubai in December was one of the biggest airsport competitions ever held. We were there and bring you all the action from the worlds of acro, accuracy and paramotoring.

Paragliding at altitude with oxygen
Flying at altitude brings its own demands – and you don’t even have to be that high. Altitude specialist Dr Matt Wilkes gives us the lowdown on flying at 3,500m+

Giles Fowler paramotoring
Giles Fowler got really high and set two UK paramotor records last year – busting through 6,500m to do it. He tells us how.

Paragliding Ethiopia
Felix Woelk has been flying Ethiopia for seven years. He reveals his favourite sites for this adventurous winter-flying destination.

Paragliding the Eiger
Soaring Giants is inspirational flying at its best – soaring above the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau in the dead heart of winter with Chrigel Maurer, Greg Blondeau and Max Mittmann.

Triple Seven Rook 2 review
Triple Seven’s Rook 2 (EN B) is put to the test in the never-ending thermals of the south of France.

Supair Eiko review
Sup’Air’s Eiko is a new lightweight mountain wing aimed at hike-and-fly pilots as well as those who want to fly thermals and go XC with minimum weight and fuss.

Gavin McClurg
Gavin McClurg joins Cross Country as a new regular columnist. He barks – and he bites!

Marie Lieppman
Marie Liepmann was at the World Air Games in Dubai and is this issue’s Naked Pilot.

Tim Alongi
Plus, plus, plus…

Tim Alongi: Acro king

Horacio Llorens and Theo de Blic: Brothers in arms

George Cotet: Accuracy champ

USA on Red Alert: They need a million bucks

Seiko and Charles Fly Far: 400km in Australia

News and New Products: Stuff to buy

Jocky Sanderson: ‘My bucket list’

Bruce Goldsmith: 10 Ways to Fly Better – Now

Parrots and Pioneers: Weynberg checks in

Downslope Flow: Honza gets technical

Burnt to a Crisp: Pylon versus paraglider

Sharknose and PPG: Jeff Goin senses blood

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