Triple Seven Deck: entry-level EN-A paraglider

Triple Seven DeckTriple Seven’s EN/LTF A Deck is a simple and durable entry-level glider, ideal for schools.

Made to inspire confidence in pilots and their instructors, Triple Seven say the Deck will take a pilot from his first steps into the world of paragliding, and on his first valley crossings.

A confidence-inspiring and nicely damped wing, Tripe Seven say it nonetheless offers good handling and nicely coordinated turns.

The Deck is robust and durable, made from Dokdo 30 in a simple design with 29 cells and a flat aspect ratio of 4.4. The Deck sports mini-ribs and BPI (Back Position Intakes). It’s made in just three sizes, covering weight ranges from 60-125kg, and Triple Seven say it makes a cost-effective choice for a paragliding school’s glider fleet.

Triple Seven Deck specs

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