X-Berg Challenge 2017: Athletes wanted for hazardous journey

Pierre Carter in the 2013 X-Berg Challenge

Pierre Carter created the X-Berg Challenge in 2013 as part of his training for the Red Bull X-Alps.

Registration opens for the 2017 X-Berg Challenge on 30 September 2016. 

The competition pits paraglider pilots, trail runners and mountain bikers against each other in a race across Drakensberg, South Africa, and takes place from 1-5 March 2017.

Athletes can race either solo or in teams, and a ‘mixed discipline’ category allows them to switch between the disciplines if they want to, at the turnpoints.

The competition can take up to 45 participants, and the entry pricing options are detailed here. Supporters are recommended and the race can be followed on live tracking. It was won in 2016 by Slovakian paraglider pilot, Juraj Koren, whose event report you can read here.

Athletes Wanted for Hazardous Journey. Small entry fee, bitter cold at times, long hours of complete darkness, constant wilderness challenges, energetic return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success.

Ernest Shackleton.


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