Avian: British HG company changes hands


After nearly 30 years running UK hang glider business Avian, Steve Elkins is passing the reins to fellow pilot and engineer, Tim Swait.

Tim has long been an Avian fan: The first glider he flew was a Fly, and it was a Rio that took him through his schooling, his first XCs and competitions. Avian say of Tim:

He’s totally committed to hang gliding and will build gliders that continue the reputation for quality and exquisite engineering that Avian has been known for since its foundation in 1989.

Steve Elkins will continue to be involved in a consultancy role. 

Tim is asking for the support of fellow pilots through a crowdfunding campaign, where pilots’ support of the company is rewarded with a range of goodies from T-shirts to tandem flights to money-off vouchers.


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