Coast to Coast for Cancer Research UK

Coast to Coast for Breast Cancer UK

Giles Fowler, who intends to fly his paramotor 500km across the UK without stopping in June 2017, to raise money for charity Cancer Research UK

British paramotorist Giles Fowler is planning to fly his paramotor 500km non-stop across the UK in June 2017, to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.  

Giles, whose article on setting PPG height-gain records was featured in issue 167, explains:

I wanted to try a different endeavor after a close friend of mine, Clarisse, was diagnosed with but is now recovering from double breast cancer.  I wanted to find a different way of raising money for Cancer Research UK and help give others a second chance at life, so here is my crazy idea:

I am planning to fly from the west coast of Wales, from the Old RAF Brawdy to my home town in Lowestoft, finishing at Beccles Airfield.  The trip is close to 500 km, but here comes the twist: flying in hops would almost be too easy so I am attempting to fly with no stops and no refuelling. I plan to only use the fuel I can take off with. I will be using a Bailey V5S with an extended tank and the Dudek Hadron XX.

Carrying 25 litres of fuel will make the paramotor close to 50+kg at the start of the flight and I anticipate the flight taking between 7-8 hours.

Coast to Coast for Breast Cancer UK

The proposed route from the west coast of Wales to Lowestoft

Giles has a JustGiving page  where donations can be made to the charity, and a Facebook group called Coast to Coast for Breast Cancer UK. He intends to start his flight sometime during the first two weeks of June 2017, and his progress will be able to be tracked through LiveTrack24.

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