Apco NRG XC II: PPG wing for slalom and XC

Apco NRG XC II specs

Apco say their new NRG XC II is a high-performance PPG wing that excels in both slalom and cross-country.

They describe it as small and safe, and ideal for fast cross-countries or nipping around pylons.

It features Apco’s ABS® (Automatic Balance System), which gradually pulls down the tip-steering as the trimmers are released or the speedbar pushed, which  cancels out roll movement and stabilises the wing at high speeds.

At trim speed the ABS system is not activated, so the pilot can enjoy maximum agility and responsiveness for fun and dynamic flying – ideal for slalom flying.

Apco ABS system

Apco’s ABS system, which activates the tip-steering as speed is applied, offering exceptional roll stability


Apco say the feedback about the ABS system on the Force II was that it dramatically improved the wing.

The NRG XC II has a reflex profile, and Apco’s SRS (Automatic Stall Recovery System). It also has sheathed lines for improved durability on harsh take-off surfaces – the top lines are are lifetime warrantied – and drag-lowering embedded hook-in points. It’s available in 16.5m², 17.5m² and 18.5m² sizes in orange or sky blue.

Apco NRG XC II specs



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