Skytraxx: FANET to become FANET+

Skytraxx 3.0Skytraxx instruments with the FANET Flying Ad-hoc NETwork will soon also be able to use the FLARM collision avoidance system.

As reported in issue 180, Skytraxx 2.0+ and 3.0 flight instruments use FANET to exchange data with each other (e.g. location) and with ground stations (for weather information). It works at a range of up to 30km and is a useful flight planning tool, as well as a way to keep tabs on your fellow pilots, and for friends at home to keep tabs on your through live tracking.

The new FANET+ system which will soon be built into these instruments, also incorporates FLARM, the collision-avoidance system whose purpose is to make pilots visible to other FLARM users (powered aircraft, helicopters, sailplanes or other hang- or paragliders), thus helping avoid mid-air collisions.

Skytraxx say the FANET+ system will be available later in 2017.

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