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Polini Thor 130 Evo paramotor engine

An evolution of the original Thor 130, Polini say the Thor 130 Evo is a more compact and better-performing paramotor engine. They say its hand-made, low-noise exhaust system is more compact, and the new crank case is smaller and more uniform. It can be fitted with either  a Ø 24 bowl carburetor or Walbro WG8. Polini say […]

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Seb Huber and Aaron Durogati cruise across the finish line at the Prologue during the Red Bull X-Alps 2017. Photo: Honza Zak

Red Bull X-Alps 2017: Durogati and Huber win the Prologue

Aaron Durogati and Sebastian Huber proved they are the athletes to watch on the ground as they took a joint win at the Leatherman Prologue, which marks the start of the eighth edition of the Red Bull X-Alps. The pair crossed the finish line in just under two hours after a very fast ascent and […]

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Red Bull X-Alps 2017 Generic

Red Bull X-Alps 2017: Nick Neynens full stalls his Z-Alps

Nick Neynens full stalls his brand new Ozone Z-Alps during training for the Red Bull X-Alps 2017  

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Chi-Kyong Ha (KOR)

Red Bull X-Alps 2017: Hachi withdraws before the race

Chi-Kyong Ha from South Korea has withdrawn from the Red Bull X-Alps before it has even started, citing financial reasons. The 42 year old pilot, known as Hachi in competition circles, had completed the X-Alps before – coming 14th in 2015. A Gin Gliders test pilot, he recently came first in the South Korean Nationals, […]

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X-Alps athletes

Red Bull X-Alps 2017: Meet the athletes

Hello to (some of) the athletes in the Red Bull X-Alps 2017 – some well known faces, some new guys. A certain top gun missing. Starts 2 July, with the Prologue on 29 June 2017. More at

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Stephane Drouin

Stéphane Drouin wins PWC Serbia 2017

Stéphane Drouin (FR) won the second round of the 2017 PWC tour, just one point ahead of Yassen Savov (BG). Atsuko Yamashita of Japan was the women’s winner, and Ozone the top team.  The event was held in Niš, Serbia, from 17-24 June 2017, and five tasks contributed to the overall score. The distances were: […]

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Ollie Chitty rocks the USA

UK hang glider pilot Olly Chitty has been blogging his season in the States here. Brilliant viewing. Olly’s channel

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Red Bull X-Alps 2017: Team Swiss Cheese episode 1

Team Swiss Cheese (SIU2) has been training hard in preparation for the infamous X-Alps race beginning 2 July 2017. Their secret strategy? Having fun! #TEAMSWISSCHEESE

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Red Bull X-Alps 2017 Generic

Red Bull X-Alps 2017: Official teaser clip

The Red Bull X-Alps 2017 will start on 2 July 2017 in Salzburg and will be the eighth edition of “the world’s toughest adventure race”. It’s a bold claim – but one it surely deserves. It’s difficult to think of another race that demands such a high level of fitness and technical skill – or […]

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Ozone Ozium 2 harness

Ozone release Ozium 2 lightweight pod harness

Ozone have updated their lightweight pod harness, unveiling the Ozium 2 in June 2017. Designed for adventure flying, the Ozium 2 has been developed with feedback from vol-bivouac adventures and the Red Bull X-Alps, and Ozone say the updated harness is lighter, more comfortable, more customisable, and more user-friendly than its predecessor. They say it’s: An […]

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Supair acquires Gradient

Two become one: Supair buys Gradient

Supair announced on 16 June 2017 that the company has bought Gradient, “to optimise the main strengths of the two businesses and further develop both brands”. Supair’s announcement reads: Set up and run for over 20 years by Ondrej Dupal, an outstanding pilot and competitor, passionate about any form of free flight, Gradient is one the […]

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Gin Bolero 6

Gin Bolero 6: entry-level paraglider

The Bolero 6 is Gin’s latest entry-level paraglider, suitable for schools and cross-country capable. It’s certified LTF/EN-A, and features Gin’s second-generation EPT (Equalised Pressure Technology) which they say improves take-off behaviour, stability and handling. It has long, progressive brake travel and a low stall speed. Gin say the Bolero 6 is: A solid foundation for […]

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Bornes to Fly 2017

Damien Lacaze wins Bornes to fly 2017

Damien Lacaze won the 2017 edition of Annecy’s hike-and-fly race, Bornes to Fly. The three-day 110km race took place from 3-5 June 2017, and was subject to the mixed weather conditions that have become the norm during its five-year history. It took a blend of flying prowess and leg-power to complete the circuit, which 28 athletes did. Damien crossed the […]

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Independence Tensing

Independence release “robust” single-skinner, the Tensing

  Independence showed off their new single-skinner, the Tensing, at the Kössen testival in Austria at the end of May 2017.   They describe it as a “sturdy” single-skinner for mountain use – ideal for climb-and-fly or hike-and-fly activities, but it can be thermally and soared too. It’s made from the robust Dominico D20 fabric, with sheathed lower lines […]

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Swing Arcus RS

Swing announce Arcus RS ‘low B’ paraglider

Swing’s new low-EN-B Arcus RS is now certified in the first three of five sizes. The RS signifies the the wing sports Swing’s RAST (Ram Air Section Technology) system. An area at the front of the canopy is partitioned off, and there are valves between the two sections. Swing say it means the leading edge always inflates first, […]

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Karpofly Arrow X-Alps

Karpofly Arrow X-Alps 4 paraglider harness

Czech harness manufacturer Karpofly have announced the fourth generation of their Arrow X-Alps paraglider harness. It is a classic, lightweight no-pod design, that uses Karpofly’s inflatable airbag protector, which is inflated on launch by blowing into a tube, and can be deflated with a valve for packing away. This design is very light (just 344g) and takes […]

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Advance Easiness safety notice

Safety notice: Advance Easiness / Easiness 2 harnesses

The connection between the V-lines and the reserve on Advance Easiness and Easiness 2 harnesses should be replaced at the next opportunity.  A replacement connection line can be obtained from Advance free of charge. In a safety bulletin released on 8 June 2017, Advance stated: A routine spot check of Advance incoming goods has revealed that the […]

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Scott Mason and Parahawking – the next step

“Vultures don’t get enough pages in paragliding magazines. Leaf through scuba-diving magazines and you’ll see lots of articles about wildlife. Beginner pilots should be introduced to birds – many of us are inspired to fly because of them.” Scott Mason tells us how he’s hoping to bounce back after the devastating closure of his world-famous […]

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AirDesigns Vita 2 review

AirDesign Vita 2 SL: Review

“For me, it’s the perfect wing: great feeling, fun to fly, but safe. And I can use the same wing with a minimal harness for hike-and-fly.” If you’re looking for a lightweight EN B with feel and handling, AirDesign’s Vita 2 SL ticks all the boxes, says Charlie King. See what else is in Cross […]

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Seeing thermals

A trick of the light? Can you ‘see’ thermals?

“The rational part of my mind dismissed it as a trick of the light. That evening, I told people of my lucky escape but not of how; I think for fear of being thought crazy or not believed. I wasn’t very sure myself.” Stuck in a perilous position above a thickly-forested hanging valley, Steve Charles […]

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