PWC 2017: Honorin Hamard and Yael Margelisch win in Ecuador

Honorin Hamard and Yael Margelisch won the Ecuador round of the 2017 PWC tour, which finished on Saturday 4th November after three tasks.

The three tasks were 60.8km, 67.5km and 62.6km distances, with plenty of technical flying required under cloudy and humid conditions with low cloudbases at Guayaquil.

PWC Ecuador 2017 men's podium

Men’s podium: Stefan Wyss (2nd), Honorin Hamard (1st), Zoran Labovic (3rd)

PWC Ecuador 2017 wpmen's podium

Women’s podium: Keiko Hiraki (2nd), Yael Margelisch (1st), Benedicte Saury (3rd)

All that remains now for the 2017 tour is the Superfinal, which takes place in Roldanillo, Colombia, starting 9 January 2018.



  1. Honorin Hamard, FR, Ozone Enzo 3, 2208 points
  2. Stefan Wyss, CH, Ozone Enzo 3, 2168 points
  3. Zoran Labovic, NO, Ozone Enzo 2, 2140 points


  1. Yael Margelisch, CH, Ozone Enzo 3, 2039 points (15th overall)
  2. Keiko Hiraki, JP, 2036 points (17th overall)
  3. Benedicte Saury, FR, Ozone Zeno, 1659 points (58th overall)


  1. Ozone (Honorin Hamard, Stefan Wyss, Maxime Bellemin, Yael Matgelisch), 53 points
  2. Gin (Michael Sigel, Torsten Siegel, Tim Bollinger), 45 points
  3. Wind (Guy Anderson, Brad Gunnuscio, Richard Butterworth, Benedicte Saury), 44 points.

Full results here.

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