XCBusa 2017: Helmut Schrempf wins Lake Garda comp

XCBusa 2017

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Helmut Schrempf won a Flymaster GPS SD flight instrument in Lake Garda’s 2017 XCBusa competition.

The competition is free to enter, and run by the Busa Flying Team at River del Garda on its local sites. Up to six flights can be entered from specific local launches in accordance with the rules, explained here. The scorer of the highest total number of points wins. 673 points won Helmut this year’s top prize, the flight above being one of his scoring flights.

Initially created as a friendly contest between between organiser Michele Marchi Vidi and his friends, it has expanded over the years, is open to all qualified pilots on certified wings and has some great prizes on offer. The Flymaster instrument that was this year’s top prize was donated by InfinityFly . Other prizes are awarded by raffle, with anyone who scored points in the competition eligible to win something.

Next year’s XCBusa runs from 1 February to 31 october 2018. The top prize will be a Woody Valley harness.


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