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Published since 1988, Cross Country is the world’s only international free flying magazine, and enjoys a reputation for quality and integrity. It is the perfect medium for you to reach thousands of pilots across the globe, both in established markets and emerging free flying nations too.

Printed in full gloss Cross Country is unsurpassed as a showcase for the most inspirational imagery from the best photographers in the sport.
Our magazine is also available in Zinio Digital Format, expanding our circulation even further.

Cross Country magazine reflects our passion for paragliding and hang gliding and provides our community with the most up-to-date
information on new gliders and developments, inspirational stories from those at the edges of our sport, humourous columns, flying tips and
advice from the world’s best pilots and the most mouth-watering photography we can lay our hands on.

Cross Country is a fantastic tool to help you reach out to the world’s pilots.


An independent survey of Cross Country’s readership reveals the following useful demographic information:

UNIQUE: Cross Country reaches a unique audience of influential pilots, with very little cross-over readership between Cross Country and any one other magazine.

LOYAL: The average reader has been reading Cross Country for years and 8 months, and 89% of pilots think Cross Country is the best magazine in free flying.

PASSIONATE: Our readers are obsessed with flying, and are influential figures. 52% fly at least every week, 20% are instructors or coaches, and 75% fly cross-country or competitions.

HIGH DISPOSABLE INCOME: They spend on average € 1,587 a year on travel, and € 1,401 a year on equipment. This represents a total
spend in excess of € 50 million a year on flying by Cross Country readers.

KEEN ON KIT: Cross Country readers fly sport gliders, and buy a new wing every 2 to 3 years and a new flying suit, harness, vario or other
instrument every 1 or 2 years.

INTERNET SAVVY: Most readers are aged 30-45, and use the internet very frequently – with 43% spending an hour a day online.

Source: The Pilot Survey, July 2004, drawn from a base of 453 respondents


We offer an outstanding standard of production from the word go. With each issue, from sourcing content and images through to the printing process, we ensure that by using professional suppliers our end product is perfect every time.

Cross Country’s circulation has steadily grown, and we now have shop sales and subscribers in sixty-five countries, making Cross Country the only worldwide flying magazine. Circulation is strong in Europe, the USA, Australasia and the Far East, and is also growing in important emerging markets like Eastern Europe and South America. Research shows we are especially well-read by influential pilot groups – instructors, retailers and competition pilots.

Cross Country keeps its readers informed about the hottest new products. We’d welcome your new product news, team news and other news. Please send it to

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