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Quest Air Open and Reopen, Florida
Apr 16 – May 3 all-day

Quest Air Open and Reopen is a race-to-goal hang glider comp in Florida, described on AirTribune as “Pretty much like the Quest Air Open for the last two years, except for the below”:

  • No USHPA fee ($100)
  • No USHPA NTSS points
  • No USHPA event insurance ($250)
  • No CIVL sanctioning fee ($300)
  • No WPRS points
  • No pre-paid dinners ($1,000-$2,000). Pilots are welcome to organize their own using the Quest Air kitchen and local restaurants
  • No trophies, just fun ($400)
  • No prize money, no big entry fees ($3,000)
  • No meet director, pilot organized ($1,000-$2,000)
  • No safety director, pilot organized safety committee
  • No meet organizer, just us pilots here ($1,000-$2,000)

Just towing, retrieval and camping fees.

Live Tracking

Race to goal scoring.

The fee for each competition will be $25 per week plus the cross country season fee of $25, for a total of $75 if you do both comps.

Details on Airtribune

Dutch HG Open 2017
Apr 24 – Apr 29 all-day

The Dutch Hang Gliding Open for Class 1 and Class 5 hang gliders will take place at Greifenburg, Austria from 24-29 April 2017.

Register at Airtribune



St Andre HG Open
May 25 – May 28 all-day

Saint Andre Open
The Saint Andre Open is an FAI Cat. 2 event for Class 1 and 5 Hang Gliders, organized by AtoutVents.

The fourth edition will take place from 25-28 May 2017 at the sites of Saint Andre-les-Alpes, Col de Bleyne and Lachens  in southern France.

Details on the FFVL event page, and keep an eye on the event’s Facebook page for updates.

Danish Hang Gliding Open
Jun 3 – Jun 10 all-day

The Danish Hang Gliding Open will be held in Fasterholt, Denmark, from 3-10 June 2017. The Cat. 2 comp is for Class 1 (flexwings) and Class 5 (rigid). It will also be the country’s national championships.

Midwest 2017, USA (HG)
Jun 4 – Jun 10 all-day

The Midwest 2017 is an FAI cat 2 hang glider (tow-launch) race-to-goal competition. It takes place at Whitewater, from 4-10 June 2017.

There are four classes:
Class 1 Open
Class 1 Sport
Class 2
Class 5
Registration Open: December 10, 2016
Registration Closed: May 20, 2017
Pilot requirements: H3, AT, XC.

Register at

More info

Spanish HG Nationals 2017
Jul 1 – Jul 8 all-day

The 2017 Spanish hang gliding nationals will be held in Arangoiti, northern Spain from 1-8 July (July 1 is training day).

Organisers say, “This is a classical spot for competitions located in north of Spain, which has hosted several Nationals (1989, 1992, 2006, 2008, 2014) and one Pre-european (2013).”

More information and registration on Airtribune.


Pre-European Hang Gliding Championships (class 1)
Jul 8 – Jul 15 all-day

The Pre-Event for Class 1 European Hang Gliding Championship will take place in Krushevo, Macedonia from 8-15 July 2017.

The 20th FAI European Hang Gliding Class 1 championship will be 5-17 August 2018.

More info here.



Italian HG Open 2017
Jul 22 – Jul 27 all-day
FAI Class 2 World Championship 2017, Aspres sur Buech @ Aspres sur Buech
Jul 24 – Aug 6 all-day
FAI Class 2 World Championship 2017, Aspres sur Buech @ Aspres sur Buech | Aspres-sur-Buëch | Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur | France

Join Jacques Bott and an elite band of Class 2 hang glider pilots in the southern French Alps for a competition that promises to see you flying 300k triangles through spectacular terrain.

Coupe Icare 2017
Sep 21 – Sep 24 all-day

Coupe Icare 2017 poster

Every September for the last 43 years, the Chartreuse region of France has hosted the Coupe Icare flying festival. This year will make it 44, and the dates to note are Thursday 21 September to Sunday 24th.

This finale to the 2017 European season promises all the fun and packed schedule of previous events, with a huge trade show (Cross Country magazine will be there), fancy-dress fly-in, air displays, paramotor racing, film festival, food tent, street theatre, kids’ activities and a whole lot more.

Bring the family and come along for a four-day social and all-things-flying binge.

European Paraglider Convention 2018 @ Europa Park
Feb 2 – Feb 4 all-day

European Paraglider Convention 2018

From 2 to 4 February 2018, the first ever European Paraglider Convention will take place in 2,000m² of exhibition halls at the Europapark in Rust, Germany.

Despite its title, the EPC is aimed at hang glider and PPG pilots as well as paragliders. It will comprise a huge trade show, plus lectures and training events and the event will occupy more than 2,000m² of exhibition space.

European Hang Gliding Championships 2018
Aug 5 – Aug 17 all-day

CIVL has announced that Krushevo, Macedonia, will host the 20th FAI European Hang gliding Class 1 championship from August 5 till 17, 2018.

More info here


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