How To Contribute

Cross Country is a reader-supported publication. That means we want the pilot community to tell us about what is going on. Here’s how you can contribute:

What subjects do you cover?

  • Paragliding
  • Hang gliding
  • Paramotoring
  • Speed riding / Speed flying
  • Miniwings
  • Powered hang gliding
  • Amazing aerial things: wingsuits, balloons, powered rocketmen, ancient Greek gods flying close to the sun

Got a press release?

  • Send it to us at Include high resolution images as jpgs. If it is date-sensitive, tell us when it’s for. We won’t publish it before you want it to be.

Got a competition report?

  • Send it to us at

Remember to tell us:

  • Who was involved
  • What the event was
  • Dates of the event
  • Links to blogs and results
  • What happened, including winners and other notable flights
  • Where it was
  • Your contact details

Send high resolution jpgs or RAW files – and tell us who is in them, and who took them. Please don’t photoshop them. Please only send us your top 10 – no 2GB downloads, oh no thank you!

Got a feature idea or been away and want to write about it?

  • Email Ed the editor:
  • Tell him in a few lines who you are, what you’ve been up to, and why you think we might be interested. Tell him about the photos you have too. He will get back to you.
  • Not all feature ideas make it into the magazine, but lots do. Try us!

I’m a photographer and have a great set of images. How do I send them to you?

  • We’d love to see them. You can send big batches of files to us by WeTransfer or we have an FTP account – ask for the details. DropBox works too. Or just send us a link to your site or gallery. Email

Want to review gliders for us?

  • Sorry, these are all done in-house.


  • We ask for English-language exclusivity for 12 months. After that we’re happy for you to post your work online, sell it to other magazines, give it away etc.
  • Because of the way we work it may be some time before you get a reply.


We publish 10 issues a year (with editorial deadline / published date in brackets)

  • Feb/March (1 Dec / 4 Jan)
  • April (1 Feb / 1 March)
  • May (1 March / 1 April)
  • June (1 April / 1 May)
  • July (1 May / 1 June)
  • August (1 June / 1 July)
  • September (1 July / 1 August)
  • October (1 August / 1 Sept)
  • November (1 Sept / 1 Oct)
  • Dec/Jan (1 Oct / 1 Nov)

Do we pay for articles and photos?

  • Yes, but we won’t make you rich. But it should buy you dinner. For a six page article we pay around €300.

How long should my article be?

  • For travel, adventure and destination articles, 1,500-2000 words, with 20-30 well chosen photos is perfect for us.
  • For photo essays, select 30 or so photographs that tell a story and send us those. We will then ask you for captions.

What’s the secret of getting published in Cross Country magazine?

  • Quality, originality, great photography that tells a story or makes you stop, brilliant writing that talks to the heart of what we do.
  • You don’t have to have flown the Karakoram for us to be interested – a well written, original, thought-provoking article about a weekend flight from your local site can be just as powerful.
  • Amazing images always have a place: please send them in.

Many thanks for dropping by – we hope to see you in the magazine soon.

Cross Country is a reader-supported international publication and is available through subscription only. We publish 10 issues a year in print and digital. Subscribe to Cross Country.