Cross Country Magazine Tuesday Tip

This week's tip is from Brett Janaway, a paragliding guide based in Slovenia who set a new tandem out-and-return world record on 11 August, flying 212km from his home site Sorica

The Hunt

I often see pilots flying in circles hunting for lift but slowly sliding down to earth.

When you question them later they will say things like 'there was lift there earlier' or 'there is always lift there' or 'a group of pilots just climbed out there'.

This mentality is definitely going to put you on the deck.

It is true historical information on triggers and sources is a great thing to have in your arsenal of tools but don't let it overpower your decisions as you search for a climb.

I have always applied a simple rule in my flying: "If it isn't working where you are, no matter how unlikely the alternative is, it isn't working where you are."

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That elusive thermal

Photo: Marcus King