Cross Country Magazine Tuesday Tip

This week's tip is the second of three in a mini-series from paragliding guide Brett Janaway. It's about finding lift on rocky ridges

Push Forwards

Often in places with two-tier ridges, such as Ager in Spain or Greolieres in France, you see people trying to climb in weak lift when there is much stronger lift out there.

By two-tier ridge I mean a ridge where there is a smaller 'step' ridge or cliff out front of a main ridge.

The key to finding the stronger lift is to push into wind while looking at the terrain below you.

When you can see directly down onto the terrain so the top and bottom align, you will hit the core.

If the view of the top obscures the base of the slope you are too far back, maybe in lift, but in weaker lift than you could be.

Thermals have momentum and the strongest parts of the thermal cannot arc backwards but will fire up at the angle the terrain sends them.

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Cliffs produce extra lift and are thermal triggersCliffs, with their mini venturi, produce extra lift, and are also useful thermal triggers. Thermals release from them and rise straight up.