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AltAir hang glider instrument pod mount

Hang glider Base-tube instrument mounts

AltAIR, who make the smartphone hang-glider pod featured in issue 180, now supply 3D-printed base-tube brackets to attach them to. The brackets can be made for various base tubes, and are supplied with stainless steel eye-bolts and pins. Now we have brackets for all range of Aeros speedbars (carbon, aluminium and round), WW (carbon and aluminium), […]

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Skytraxx 3.0 display

Skytraxx: FANET to become FANET+

Skytraxx instruments with the FANET Flying Ad-hoc NETwork will soon also be able to use the FLARM collision avoidance system. As reported in issue 180, Skytraxx 2.0+ and 3.0 flight instruments use FANET to exchange data with each other (e.g. location) and with ground stations (for weather information). It works at a range of up to 30km […]

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Flymaster Vario LS

Flymaster introduces light, simple Vario LS

Flymaster have added a new beginner’s instrument to their range, the Light, Simple Vario LS.  It is small, super thin (just 12mm) and boasts an easy user interface and a “very affordable” price. It’s powered by an internal 750mAh Li-ion battery that gives more than 100 hours’ flight time, and can be recharged via the USB port of any […]

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Hike-and-Fly planning tool now a mobile app is an AirDesign-supported tool to help pilots find hike-and-fly routes throughout Europe.  The map-based tool can be used on the website, or by downloading a free mobile phone app. “Tours” are plotted on a map, and pilots can click on a spot to open a page with route details, photos and information about the take-off, landing zone etc. […]

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Skyman String RS

Skyman String RS: 690g reversible harness

Designed to complement the single-skin Sir Edmund paraglider, Skyman have made their ultra-light String harness in a reversible version.  The String RS has an inbuilt a 32 litre rucksack which Skyman say is comfortable to carry and can take an entire ultra-light kit. It weighs just 690g, including Austria Alpin Rocket karabiners (supplied), and is LTF/EN […]

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TopMetSat app

TopMetSat: live weather pictures to your flight deck

TopMeteo have released an app called TopMetSat that delivers satellite weather pictures to your smartphone while you fly. It works in Europe and Southern Africa, and uses your regular mobile internet connection to display satellite and radar images so you could check, for instance, the level of cloud cover in your downtrack vicinity. TopMetSat say: The intelligent connection management […]

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Europe Sites Guide

Cloudbase Media release second European Flying Sites Guide

Cloudbase Media have released an updated version of the European Flying Sites Guide. The 480-page book provides information on more than 4,800 flying sites across Europe, displayed on 1:1.500.000 scale maps for Europe (1:750.000 for the Alps). An accompanying 200-page booklet contains further details on over 10,500 different launch and landing sites. The sites guide is available […]

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Garmin inReach

Garmin inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer

Garmin bought DeLorme in 2016, and have just released Garmin branded inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer handheld devices with inReach satellite communication. Featuring 100% global Iridium satellite coverage for two-way messaging anywhere in the world, the devices are equipped with an interactive SOS. This triggers an emergency response from GEOS, the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring centre, so users can […]

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hang glider calendar 2017

Hang Glider 2017 calendar now on sale!

SVS Designs’s 2017 Hangglider calendar went on sale on 25 November 2016. The A3 calendar contains photos from 48 pilots from all over the world, and can be bought online for €20, with discounts available for multiple purchases. • Got news? Send it to us at Subscribe to the world’s favourite hang gliding and paragliding […]

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Adventure Flying HG calendar 2017

Adventure Flying hang gliding calendar 2017

Adventure Flying, Gerolf Heinrich’s company which runs hang gliding courses in the Alps, have produced a glossy hang gliding calendar for 2017. The page-a-month A3 calendar features 12 hang gliding shots from around the globe, and is printed on thick premium silk matt paper, and pre-filled with some hang gliding dates to note for 2017. The calendar can […]

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Sky Eyrie Light PG rucksack

Part of Sky’s Light Line series of gear, the Eyrie Light is a 95 litre rucksack that weighs just 750g, built for serious hiking. It comes from the full-fat Eyrie, which is 1.4kg, so at 750g is significantly lighter. It’s made from strong and light materials in a slim design with dual density carrying straps and ‘on […]

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Paragliding logbook

ParaLog app: Logbook and Recorder for Android

The team behind the online Paragliding Logbook have released a free app for Android, that allows you to use your phone as a flight recorder, and save it straight into your log book.  They say it’s very easy and fast to use : Enable the GPS and launch the App. (First time only) Give permission to use […]

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Woody Valley karabiner

Woody Valley Skyway Karabiner

Woody Valley, in collaboration with Camp, developed the Skyway karabiner specifically for paragliding use.  It weighs just 48g and has a variable cross-section with increased strength (compared to the 14g-heavier Camp Para Twist Lock Evolution karabiner which preceded it) at the critical points. Features Thin and rounded end for easy hooking into the glider riser […]

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Nirvana FC5 helmet

Nirvana FC5 helmet for PPG

Nirvana paramotors have unveiled their new Full Contact 5 helmet, designed specifically for paramotors and other ultralight aircraft. The FC5 is made from a strong but light carbon-kevlar shell, which has been tested in a certified laboratory for its puncture resistance. The inner liner is made from the same breathable and hypoallergenic material that is used in hockey […]

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SkyBean ChaseCam

SkyBean ChaseCam for Gopros

SkyBean’s ChaseCam allows paraglider or paramotor pilots to set their GoPro up to fly behind them, taking steady film or stills.  It weighs just 170g and consists of a plastic case that fits a GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4 or GoPro Session, a length of thin, stretchy bungee line, and what looks like a giant badminton shuttlecock (the wings). The wings keep the […]

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JDC Electronics Skywatch BL

Skywatch®BL weather station for smartphones

The Skywatch®BL is a pocket-sized weather station that talks to your smartphone. It was developed by Swiss company JDC Electronic SA for outdoor sportspeople and professionals, and is available in three versions. The top-of-the-range model, BL500 pictured above, measures wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, UV, humidity and temperature. BL300: measures wind, temperature, humidity. Price around €160 BL400: measures wind, temperature, […]

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SVS Design hang glider calendar

Hang gliding photos wanted for calendar

SVS Designs are looking for great photographs of hang gliders for their annual calendar.  The deadline for submissions is 16 October 2016, and the calendar is expected to go on sale around the middle of November. All photographers whose photograph gets used in the calendar will be sent a free copy. Please email photos to Sander, and include […]

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High Adventure Itsy Touch gloves

High Adventure paragliding Gloves

High Adventure’s leather Itsy and Itsy Bitsy paragliding gloves are warm and dextrous, and have touchscreen-compatible index fingers.  The Itsy is the lighter-weight version, designed for summer flying, whereas the Itsy Bitsy has an additional merino wool and bamboo liner, and is described as a 3-season glove. Both are made in Europe from supple leather, and […]

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Flymaster tracker

Flymaster tracker: reduced price for early subscribers

Flymaster will soon be shipping their new tracker. The sturdy, water-resistant unit can be used for multiple activities. It offers worldwide coverage, second-by-second resolution and a “huge” battery life. For a limited time it’s available at a discounted price: €99 with a two-year contract and a €4.99 monthly subscription charge (“Fixed plan”); or €149 with no contract and €3.99/ month (“Flexible plan”) – […]

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Vittorazi carburetion regulator

Not for sale: Vittorazi Motors’ carburetion regulator

Vittorazi Motors developed a special carburetion regulator for the Green Twins’ world altitude record flight over Mont Blanc in April 2015. They have announced it will be available for expert pilots in the Paramotor World Championships 2016, but not for general use. The regulator can be used for any Walbro membrane carburetors, but its use invalidates the engine’s warranty, they explain, and […]

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