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Apco Chairbag

Apco’s Chairbag V reversible harness

Apco have updated their Chairbag reversible paraglider harness, unveiling the Chairbag V. The harness is an open type, with a full-width polycomb lightweight seatboard and Cygnus airbag protection that extends down the back and under the seat. Apco say it has an improved reserve container from which the reserve can be deployed more easily, with […]

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Apco NRG Pro II

Apco release NRG Pro II slalom racing PPG wing

Apco have unleashed the NRG Pro II, their new slalom racing PPG wing. “It’s the rebel brother of the NRG XC II”, they say.   It was designed to be fast and manoeuvrable, and to be flown aggressively for racing round pylons. The NRG Pro II is a full-reflex wing with 2-D steering and HIT […]

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Apco Swift harness review

Apco Swift race harness: review

“Moving from the Forza to this while flying the Zeno was a revelation. Seb said it’s like adding suspension to a car.” Hugh Miller and Seb Ospina put Apco’s first competition harness, the Swift, through its paces – and say “Give one a go!” Find out more, subscribe, and never miss an issue

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Apco NRG XC II specs

Apco NRG XC II: PPG wing for slalom and XC

Apco say their new NRG XC II is a high-performance PPG wing that excels in both slalom and cross-country. They describe it as small and safe, and ideal for fast cross-countries or nipping around pylons. It features Apco’s ABS® (Automatic Balance System), which gradually pulls down the tip-steering as the trimmers are released or the speedbar pushed, which  cancels out […]

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Apco Play 42

Apco Play 42 PPG tandem: new colours

Apco’s Play 42 mk II tandem PPG wing has been revamped with a new top-surface design in a choice of five colours. The undersurface of the wing, which is designed for professionals as well as recreational pilots, is white, ready to take advertising logos. Apco describe the Play 42 as a safe and reliable wing that is very easy to launch […]

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Apco Lift EU II

Apco release Lift EU II paratrike wing

Apco have released a new version of their Lift EU paratrike wing. It’s a full-reflex wing designed for European trikes with narrow hook-in points of 50-65 cm. It can take loads of up to 400kg. The Lift EU II is available in 400 and 450 versions (the number is the size in square-feet, which equates to […]

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Win a paraglider in the Cross Country Prize Draw 2017

Fancy a brand new paraglider for 2017? Then you are in luck – it’s time for the annual Cross Country Magazine Prize Draw. Your chance to win a paraglider, simply by being a subscriber to Cross Country. What do I have to do? All you have to do is hold a valid subscription for the […]

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Apco Karisma

Apco’s EN-A Karisma now ready

Apco’s new EN-A school wing, the Karisma, is now certified in three sizes. Apco say the Karisma is a simple and straightforward wing, designed to make life easy for beginners and their instructors, but with the personality and performance characteristics to keep intermediate pilots happy too. The wing is built with Apco’s sharknose APP (Automatic Pressuring Profile) to retain internal […]

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Apco announce new school wing, the Karisma

Apco have announced a forthcoming new school paraglider. The EN-A wing will be called the Karisma, and Apco say it has a sharknose profile with “a new leading edge construction method”. Apco say the Karisma is easy to teach on and a joy to fly. It was designed to inspire confidence in new pilots, and allow them to […]

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Apco Swift harness

Apco Swift paraglider racing harness

Apco have released a new race-spec paraglider harness, called the Swift.  It has a pod and a prominent fairing, and Apco describe it as “by far the most spohisticated harness they have ever designed”, and a “masteriece of mechanics and aerodynamics”. We worked hard to achieve a balance between comfort and activeness. The Swift will transmit exactly what […]

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Apco paramotor harness airbag

Apco release universal airbag for PPG harnesses

Apco Aviation have released an underseat airbag for paramotor harnesses, to offer protection from hard landings.  The self-inflating airbag is made from tough material and has a large volume for optimal protection. It is available in a split-legs version, and a Universal /SLT version that will fit many other harness brands too. • Got news? […]

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Apco Lift EZ

Review: Apco Lift EZ, paramotor wing

“This is an efficient wing with plenty of energy to make take-offs and landings easy. It’s a wing that will happily take you from school to your first forays into competitions; you’ll only outgrow it if you find yourself pylon racing”. Marcus King gets the skinny on Apco’s Lift EZ in Cross Country 170, June […]

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Apco Force II

Force II – Apco’s new intermediate PPG wing

The Force II is Apco’s new reflex paramotor wing for intermediate pilots. Apco say it’s an efficient wing for cross-country flying, yet agile and fun to fly, perfect for para-football (see the official Force II video, below). The Force II features tip-steering and Apco’s Automatic Balance System (ABS): ABS® is a system which automatically and gradually pulls […]

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Kobi Gurevic win’s Apco’s design challenge

Kobi Gurevic won Apco’s Christmas Design Challenge, which saw 300 designs entered from all over the world. Pilots were asked to design a colour scheme for a wing, with the winning design going forward to be made into reality. Apco said: It was a hard task to choose the best, as there were so many […]

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Personal paraglider

Keep Calm and Personalise your Wing

Keep calm and personalise your wing – that’s the message from Apco who are offering a new logo service which can involve putting your name on your wing. The new service came about because the company has invested in a new laser cutter for making their wings. “It’s state of the art laser cutting technology,” they […]

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Apco Cruiser PPC wing

Apco Cruiser: intermediate PPC wing

The Cruiser is Apco’s new PPC wing for heavyweight US-type trikes with leg-steering. It’s an intermediate wing, fitting between the entry-level Hybrid and the high-performance reflex-profile Lift series of PPC wings in Apco’s range. Apco say its conservative tapered planform gives it the perfect blend of performance, speed and handling with ease of use, safety and user-friendiness. In fact, […]

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Apco paraglider rucksack

Apco updated paraglider rucksack

Apco have updated their paraglider rucksack, making it larger, at 200 litres (plus 40) and lighter, and reshaping it to better fit pod harnesses.  Apco say the new design is a longer and slimmer shape, to better suit pod harnesses, and it has an additional 40 litres of room available thanks to a zipped volume expander. The […]

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Apco Touring Vista III and Force SP paragliders

Apco have released ‘Touring’ versions of the Vista III and Force SP paragliders. The Touring versions have sheathed lines throughout, making them more robust. Just like their original versions, the Vista III Touring is an EN-B free-flight wing, and the Force SP Touring is paramotor-specific. In addition, Apco’s competition slalom wing, the NRG Pro, has been made into a cross-country version […]

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Apco First harness

Apco First III basic / lightweight harness

Apco have been making the First starter harness for 20 years now, and the latest mark III incarnation now has quick-lock buckles and an improved webbing system. It is designed for first flights and popular with schools, and so has been built to withstand the rigours of training, yet is light too at just a smidge over 2kg, with a large […]

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Apco Lift Ez

Apco Lift EZ – reflex PPG wing for all pilots

The Lift EZ is Apco’s latest paramotor wing, designed to be easy to fly for all pilots from beginners to experts. Apco say it has the performance of the Lift and a similar feel, with the same speed range and trim speed, but is much easier to take off, fly and land. During the design process […]

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