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Flying near Villa de Merlo, about halfway down the 200km long cordillera. Photo: Felix Wölk

Guide to Traslasierra, Argentina

Fly Argentina’s magical valley with a condor at your wingtip. This is where Argentina brings its family to relax – from wine tours to horse riding to kayaking to gorge walking, it’s all here.

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Flying Bariloche, in Patagonia. Photo: Olivier Laugero

Guide to Bariloche, Argentina

Fly the Andes and (maybe) fly with condors

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Gauchos in Argentina. Photo: Felix Wolk

In issue 141: Chasing the dark in Sierra Velasco: Shadowline

Enormous climbs, flying in the dark, soaring with white-feathered condors and partying with gauchos. Felix Woelk discovers Argentina

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XC-Open World Series logo

XC-Open World Series 2012: registration open

Pilot registration for the first two 2012 XC-Open World Series competitions is open

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Andy Hediger wins Argentinean Paragliding Open 2010

Advance’s Andy Hediger won the “Merrell Cup”, also the Argentinean Paragliding open, which took place in Tucuman, Argentina, during the third week of September.

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The Path of the Condor documentary film

‘The Path of the Condor’ is a documentary film directed by Christian Holler, in which a paraglider pilot and an ornithologist study the life and flight characteristics of the world’s largest bird, the condor.

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Argentine paragliding record broken

Sergio Crespo has flown 301 km flight from Pehuajo to take the Argentinean paragliding record

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Bon Vol: How about this for a thrill – Speed riding Aconcagua

Francois Bon’s solo speedriding descent of Aconcagua

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Francois Bon. Photo:

Francois Bon speedrides Aconcagua

Francois Bon, Gin Gliders’ speedriding test pilot, has just taken the sport to a new level

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Paragliding World Cup – condor attack!

A new Paragliding World Cup is scheduled to take place in South America. The event will take place from February 9-14 1999, right in the middle of Argentina’s summer.

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Argentina’s 1999 Paragliding World Cup

Strong winds and organisational misunderstandings hampered the first Paragliding World Cup of 1999 in Cordoba, Argentina…

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