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Paragliding in Quixada Brazil

Into the Vortex: Flying Quixada in Brazil

“The writer in me struggles to describe the sensation of being under those monster cloud streets high above the Ceara flatlands.” It’s back to the breach for James Johnston as he continues his epic tale of man versus Quixada – and his quest to fly further than any Kiwi has flown before. Find out more, […]

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Chrigel launching from Caico. Photo: Michael Sigel / Instagram

Record-chasing season in Brazil opens with 507km

Leandro Padua flew 507km in Brazil on Thursday 12 October 2017 – joining the elite group of paraglider pilots who have ever flown more than 500km. Padua was in the air for 10.5hrs (track), having launched by tow from a small airfield in Caico, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Padua is part of […]

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PWC Pico do Gaviao: Arvid Berg cut

Highlights from the Paragliding World Cup Tour, Pico Do Gaviao, Brazil September 2017. Camera by Philippe Broers. Edit by Arvid Berg. Music: Vijay & Sofia – World Of Colors

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Paragliding in Quixada with Kiwi Johnston

Kiwi Johnston: Chasing 400k in Quixada

“Lesson #1: Rip up the rule-book and throw it away – normal does not apply here.” James ‘Kiwi’ Johnston shares the story of a stupendous season in Quixadá and his swashbuckling attempt to join the hallowed “four-hundred club”. See what else is in Cross Country 184.

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Rafael Saladini

PWC Brazil 2017: Brazilians win top 5 places

  Rafael Saladini won the Brazilian round of the 2017 PWC that finished at Pico do Gavião on 9th September. The top five places were all won by Brazilian pilots. The women’s event was dominated by Italy’s Silvia Buzzi Ferraris, who also finished third female at the World Championships in Italy in July. Seven tasks […]

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21st Hang Gliding World Championships: 10-20 Aug 2017

The Hang Gliding World Championships are on in Brasilia, Brazil, from 10-20 August 2017, with 130 of the world’s best pilots competing for the title. After five good +100km tasks in week 1, Alex Ploner (IT) is leading the pack, just 20 points ahead of France’s Mario Alonzi. Christian Ciech (IT) is in third. Follow […]

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Women’s Hang Gliding Worlds 2017 cancelled

The 14th FAI Women’s World Hang Gliding Championships that was to have been held in Brazil in August has been cancelled due to lack of pilots. CIVL President Stephane Malbos explained in an email: “Unfortunately, due to a non-sufficient number of women participants, the 14th FAI Women’s World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship in Brasilia […]

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Rafael Saladini and the Solar Window

Understanding the solar window, by Rafael Saladini

If you want to fly far with big-distance XCs, you need to understand the ‘solar window’. And if you haven’t the faintest idea what that is, paragliding world record holder Rafael Saladini is here to help. Find out more, subscribe, and never miss an issue

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PWC Superfinal 2017

PWC Superfinal 2016: Governador Valadares 17-28 January 2017

  The Paragliding World Cup Superfinal is in Governador Valadares, Brazil from 17-28 January 2017. 2015 superfinal winners Stefan Wyss (CH) and Seiko Fukuoka-Naville (FR) are in Brazil to defend their titles, along with current World and European champion, Honorin Hamard (FR) and a whole host of the world’s top paragliding stars. Philippe Broers is armed with his video […]

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Brazil's paragliding world record team

The Dream Team: 564km PG World Record in Brazil

They did it again. Almost exactly a year to the day that the paragliding world record was set in Brazil, three pilots raised the bar once more with a huge flight of 564km on 13 October 2016. Elisa Eisenlohr spoke to the Brazilian Dream Team to find out how they did it.

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Paramotoring on the Rio Doceq

Sweet River: Flying the length of the Rio Doce

In November last year, a catastrophic dam-burst led to an environmental disaster along Brazil’s beautiful Rio Doce. Lu Marini took to his paramotor to assess the damage from the air and expose the “hidden reality behind those who lost everything to mud”. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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World records tumble on big day in Brazil

The open distance paragliding world record has been smashed in Brazil, with three pilots flying a record 564km from Araruna, north east Brazil, on Thursday 13 October 2016. Samuel Nascimento, Rafael Saladini and Donizete Lemos flew the record flight together, flying as a gaggle and helping each other all the way. The flight lasted more […]

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Paragliding in Quixada. Photo: Felix Woelk

The Big Trip: Breaking personal bests in Quixada

“The air now turned magic, and while the sun was getting lower and lower, I just floated along in smooth, light thermals, often helped by my friends the vultures.” Averaging a whopping 180km per day, air-junkie Koen Vancampenhoudt headed to Quixadá, Brazil to break personal bests and fly more than 300km. See what’s in the […]

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Castle in the Clouds: Brett Hazlett in Castelo

You gotta watch this! Brett Hazlett outdoes himself at the Paragliding World Cup in Castelo, Brazil. April 2016.

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Paragliding Word Cup: Castelo 2016

The party’s over but the sun is still shining in Brazil. Congratulations to Felix Rodriguez (ES) who won the Castelo leg of the Paragliding World Cup last week. He maintained his lead over seven tasks – winning by a whisker and a mere 5 points. Lucas Bernadin (FR) and Frank Brown (BR) were second and […]

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Cry Me a River: By Lu Marini

“Governador Valadares’ Rio Doce, which translates as ‘sweet river’ has been poisoned with toxic waste after a mine collapse last year. But nearly all Brazil’s rivers are suffering from pollution, deforestation and drought. I want to fly them all, highlighting the damage.” TV journalist Lu Marini describes the lesser-known parts of Brazil his new documentary […]

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Frank Brown, Marcelo Prieto and Donizete Lemos

Cross Country 166: What’s in the latest issue

Frank Brown, Marcelo Prieto and Donizete Lemos are our Heroes of the Brazilian Heartland on the latest issue of Cross Country Magazine (XC166, Dec 2015 / Jan 2016). They flew into the record books in October by flying 514km together and setting a new paragliding world record. Cross Country editor Ed Ewing spoke to all […]

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Frank Brown, Marcelo Prieto and Donizete Lemos

World records in Brazil: 2015 Season round-up… so far

It has been a record season so far in Brazil, with several world records broken. Here’s a round-up of what’s been happening. 9 October 2015 Marcelo Prieto, Donizete Lemos and Frank Brown (BRA) flew into the record books with a spectacular flight of 514km to give them the new paragliding world record for straight-line open […]

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Honorin Hamard

335.4km world tandem PG record

Honorin Hamard and passenger Karine Gras are celebrating a successful 335.4km flight from Quixadá to a declared goal on 1 November 2015. If ratified, it takes the World ‘distance to a declared goal’ tandem paragliding record, beating André Fleury’s 308.3km record that was set in Brazil in 2006, by 27km. This is the second tandem paragliding world record […]

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Julien and Emilie Irilli tandem record Brazil

363km tandem paraglider flight

On 26 October 2015, Frenchman Julien Irilli and his sister Emilie flew a Niviuk Bi Peak 3 tandem for 363km in Brazil. It’s a pending World record for ‘free distance using up to three turnpoints’, and is with the FAI for ratification. It was the pair’s first flight of their trip to Quixadá, and was ten hours in […]

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