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Ozone Zeno

Video: Sneak preview of Ozone’s Zeno

Ozone’s Russell Ogden flew a proto of the Zeno at the North South Cup in the UK, May 2016. We got to fly alongside the Zeno over two tasks of 200km and 150km. No release date has been confirmed by Ozone, who say they never know when a wing is finished – until it’s finished! […]

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Bruce Goldsmith

Gavin McClurg: Bruce Goldsmith on 30 years free-flying

Bruce Goldsmith has quite possibly more competition flying under his belt than anyone. One of the few pilots who’s won in both hang gliding and paragliding Bruce began flying comps in the mid-80s and capped off over 30 years of success by winning the Paragliding World Championships in 2007 in Australia. He’s started or designed […]

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Icaristics brake length

Icaristics: Understanding brake range on your paraglider

“Nearly all wings have 7cm of slack at the top of the brake range – this stops the brakes pulling down the trailing edge when you push on the speed system. “There are two main ways to measure brake travel. Firstly, brake range to stall, and secondly, brake pressure based on deflection.” Bruce Goldsmith argues […]

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Icaristics: Measuring aspect ratio – ‘It’s hard!’

“Paragliders are not flat, and have a significant arc, which leads to two values: flat aspect ratio, when the wing is laid on the ground, and projected aspect ratio, when it is flying. “How do you measure A/R in practise? You can’t use the numbers published by manufacturers as they quote numbers that come from […]

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Cross Country 169 May 2016

Cross Country 169: May 2016

Cross Country 169, May 2016 is out now. Here’s what’s in the issue – from delving deep into the successful pilot’s mindset to journeying to the very fringes of our sport…. The Head Game: “Always fly your own flight. For sure, be aware of the others, where they are and what they’re up to, but […]

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Icaristics: The Weather in Your Head

“As pilots we’re constantly building a model of the weather and conditions in our head and using what we see, hear and feel to confirm it, modify it or completely change it.” Recent neuroscience research backs up Bruce Goldsmith’s theory that the speed at which you can change your mind can make all the difference […]

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Icaristics: Thermalling Revisited

Bruce Goldsmith has been flying since the 1980s. He has been British Hang Gliding Champion twice, British Paragliding Champion three times and was Paragliding World Champion in 2007. He has been designing paragliders for 20 years. His Icaristics column in issue 163 revisited the subject of thermalling. For the last six months I have been giving […]

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25 Ways to Fly Better by Bruce Goldsmith

Twenty-Five Ways to Fly Better: Now on Kindle and Kobo

Twenty Five Ways to Fly Better, Volume 1 is now available as an eBook on Kindle and Kobo. It is the digital version of the best-selling print book 50 Ways to Fly Better by Bruce Goldsmith and friends. Published in late 2013, 50 Ways has since been translated into six languages and sold around the […]

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BGD Base

BGD Base – certified EN B in medium size

BGD have reported that the first of their Bases, the M size, has been passed EN B certification “first time and with flying colours”.  Its designer Bruce Goldsmith said: We put a lot of effort into perfecting the safety characteristics of this wing,and  I am really happy with the final product. The weight range for […]

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Icaristics: Brakes and Efficiency

In Cross Country 156 (Nov/Dec 2014) former paragliding world champion Bruce Goldsmith looks at how much brake we should fly with. Some pilots fly with a little brake the whole time, whether climbing, gliding or just ridge soaring. There are schools that teach this as the standard technique, because it can provide a level of […]

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Paragliding in Iceland. Photo: Ant Green

Ice and slice: paragliding in Iceland

Ant Green and Bruce Goldsmith headed to Iceland for a photo-shoot over summer, and we showcase the results in Cross Country 155 (Sept/Oct 2014). The crisp multi-coloured yellow glider above all that blue ice and sea made us think of one thing and one thing only: A long tall gin and tonic. Ice and slice, […]

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Cross Country 155

Cross Country 155: New issue, Sept/October 2014

Cross Country 155 is out now, and it’s packed. On the cover is a great shot by Ant Green of Bruce Goldsmith paragliding in Iceland. They were in the country for a week over summer, chasing the weather between the clouds – great photos and great times. Another person who had a great time this season […]

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Bruce Goldsmith’s Icaristics: There’s an app for that

The tech scene is bubbling over with new ideas for paragliding and hang gliding. Pilots have choice like never before – do you go for an all-in instrument for a wallet’s worth of beer tokens, or do you save the cash and hook up your smartphone to a widget and spiral up to base with ‘Kerching!’ […]

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BGD Adam now certified EN A in all sizes

BGD Adam: All sizes now certified

BGD’s entry-level wing, the Adam, has now been certified EN A in all sizes: S, M, ML and L. Information and specifications can be found on BGD’s website. • Got news? Send it to us at Buy and sell gear on Home

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Bruce Goldsmith’s Icaristics: Gliding Better

  Bruce Goldsmith has been writing for Cross Country magazine for over 20 years. A former World Champion and multiple national champion, he has experience in flying and designing hang gliders and paragliders stretching right back to the start of the sport. Each issue he takes a topic and discusses it, examining how it can […]

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BGD Adam

Video: Inside The Adam

BGD’s latest video for their new glider the Adam, EN A, is a tale of father and son. Neat video work inside the glider too… • Got news? Send it to us at Buy and sell gear on Home

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Bruce Goldsmith

Bruce Goldsmith XC seminar, August 2014

  Bruce Goldsmith is holding a week-long cross country flying seminar in Greece in August. The week, from 23-30 August, will focus on flying cross country and will include daily group flights on radio with Bruce. The seminar will be based on Bruce’s book, 50 Ways to Fly Better, which was published by Cross Country […]

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What happened next? Collapse analysis

Bruce Goldsmith explains how to deal with an asymmetric collapse on a paraglider   Manilla in Australia this year has been hot and strong. The region saw drought conditions, which means stronger thermals and higher cloudbases. However, it also means more aggressive conditions, with strong thermal-induced turbulence and dust devils even at low altitudes. Brooke […]

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Adrian Thomas, left, and Bruce Goldsmith. Photos: Marcus King and T Goldsmith

Paragliding World Cup Superfinal 2013: Trailing edges under the spotlight

Editor Ed Ewing asks Cross Country magazine’s technical experts Bruce Goldsmith and Adrian Thomas about the Ozone Enzo 2 controversy   With GIN Gliders declaring the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal Enzo 2 controversy a “disgrace to the sport” and the winning Enzo 2s on their way to Switzerland to be compared with a sample glider, […]

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Fifty ways to Fly Better

Fifty Ways to Fly Better: By Bruce Goldsmith and Friends

Bruce Goldsmith’s new book is out now. Scroll down for exclusive extracts Buy the book Bruce Goldsmith has published a new book, Fifty Ways to Fly Better. Published with Cross Country it’s a “synthesis” of all Bruce’s knowledge from over 25 years in the sports of paragliding and hang gliding. “I’ve been flying since the […]

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