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Cross Country May 2017

Cross Country 179: May 2017

Free flight is about change: the transition from ground to the air, the shifting seasons, the tilting sun as that great day in the mountains draws to a close and the earth – and a cold beer – beckons once again. But the evolving nature of our sport also means that new gliders, techniques, destinations […]

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Cross Country 178: April 2017

Flying is about making connections – with ourselves, with others, and with nature. They are connections that make us feel alive, that spirit us away from the worries and the rigmarole of everyday life, that make us laugh out loud among the clouds where no one else can hear. Cross Country is about building and […]

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Final Glide: Chasing World Records in Hang Gliding and Paragliding.

Final Glide: Chasing World Records in HG and Paragliding

Cross Country Magazine has published a new Kindle Single ebook: Final Glide: Chasing World Records in Hang Gliding and Paragliding. The ebook, which is available on Amazon Kindle at only £1.99, brings together four incredible and classic stories from the Cross Country Magazine archive. The stories include: Dragon Slaying, with Nevil Hulett South African pilot […]

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Win a paraglider in the Cross Country Prize Draw 2017

Fancy a brand new paraglider for 2017? Then you are in luck – it’s time for the annual Cross Country Magazine Prize Draw. Your chance to win a paraglider, simply by being a subscriber to Cross Country. What do I have to do? All you have to do is hold a valid subscription for the […]

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Gavin McClurg in Alaska

Cross Country 176: December 2016 / January 2017

“It’s impossible, it can’t be done…” Whether it’s winning the Red Bull X-Alps, traversing a new mountain range, or just flying 10km from our home site, it’s a doubt that has haunted us all at some point. But this issue is all about pushing the limits of what’s possible – and saying “Yes, we can.” […]

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Paramotoring in the Caribbean

Cross Country 175: November 2016

Flying scatters pilots to the ends of the Earth in search of that perfect flight, but the annual Coupe Icare festival in Saint Hilaire brings them back together again in a blaze of crazy costumes, high jinks – and green beer. It is a time to share stories (and the odd hangover), toast the flying […]

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Cross Country 174: October 2016

“I could see all the places I had been. It was just a pleasure. I didn’t think: Oh, it’s a record, it’s 8,000m. It was just the mountain. It was fantastic. Only that. Exploring.” When Antoine Girard flew a paraglider to the Himalayan summit of Broad Peak, he achieved the unthinkable and tore up the […]

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Paragliding Italian volcanoes. Photo: Felix Woelk

Cross Country 173: September 2016

“Quickly we got ready and took off. The sun was low and we glided along the spine of the ridge between light and shadow, dark forested slopes on one side, the still sunlit mountain pastures the other. Just the space and us on the longest day of the year. A never-ending summer’s evening.” As ever, […]

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Cross Country 171: July 2016

  “Always go for a beer with your friends after a long day’s flying,” advises big-distance flyer Mike Cavanagh. It can be so illuminating to learn from other pilots’ thoughts and experiences, which can be wildly different from your own, and Issue 171 is like the most vibrant, detailed post-flight conversation you could ever hope […]

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Paragliding in Mustang

Cross Country 169, May 2016: Editor’s letter

There’s a definite Mind, Body, Spirit vibe in the magazine this issue. It wasn’t planned like that, it’s just the way the stars aligned. We have articles on flying and the mind, on how yoga can help you fly better, and, in Kinga Masztalerz’s account of flying in New Zealand, an example of the need […]

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Cross Country 169 May 2016

Cross Country 169: May 2016

Cross Country 169, May 2016 is out now. Here’s what’s in the issue – from delving deep into the successful pilot’s mindset to journeying to the very fringes of our sport…. The Head Game: “Always fly your own flight. For sure, be aware of the others, where they are and what they’re up to, but […]

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Jerome Maupoint

Editorial: The Never Ending Journey

What makes a good flight? Is it flying further than you’ve flown before? Flying a new site? Flying an old one with new friends, or a new one with old friends? Is it heading off alone through the wilderness, or is it soaring the beach and waving at the people below? All of these and […]

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Honorin Hamard

Pilot Quiz, January 2016: The Answers

Thanks for taking part! Here are the answers. Sorry we couldn’t give them out straight away, but we wanted a good sized sample of responses to get a clear idea of the levels of general knowledge in our sport. Some of the questions were definitely tricky! We now have enough responses to make some really […]

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Cross Country Prize Draw

Urtzi Uriarte wins Cross Country Prize Draw

And the winner is…. Urtzi Uriate! Urtzi Uriarte from Spain won the Cross Country Prize Draw 2016, which was made at 12noon GMT on Friday 16 January. He wins a new paraglider or paramotor wing of his choice from Advance, Air Design, Gin, Gradient, Mac Para, Nova, Ozone or Paramania. Congratulations Urtzi! Richard Webster from […]

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Cross Country 167

Cross Country 167: What’s in the latest issue

The latest issue of Cross Country magazine is out now – and features everything from flying at the World Air Games in Dubai to getting high as a kite in the Himalaya. The World Air Games in Dubai in December was one of the biggest airsport competitions ever held. We were there and bring you all […]

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Win a paraglider

Win a Paraglider: 2016 Subscribers’ Draw

This draw is now closed If you could choose any new paraglider for the 2016 season, what would you go for? Maybe you should start thinking, because you could win your dream glider, harness, flying computer and much more in the Cross Country Magazine 2016 Subscribers Draw. It’s Cross Country’s way of saying a big […]

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Frank Brown, Marcelo Prieto and Donizete Lemos

Cross Country 166: What’s in the latest issue

Frank Brown, Marcelo Prieto and Donizete Lemos are our Heroes of the Brazilian Heartland on the latest issue of Cross Country Magazine (XC166, Dec 2015 / Jan 2016). They flew into the record books in October by flying 514km together and setting a new paragliding world record. Cross Country editor Ed Ewing spoke to all […]

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Subscribe and claim a free copy of Classic Routes

Subscribe to Cross Country Magazine before Friday 11 December 2015 and we’ll send you a FREE copy of Classic Routes worth £29.95 in time for Christmas (EU only). Classic Routes features step-by-step instructional guides to many of the world’s best XC routes – from the Tour du Lac in Annecy to the Bingara Run in Australia. It’s […]

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Cross Country 165: What’s in the latest issue

Welcome to the circus…The front cover of Cross Country 165 shows one of the magical aerial machines from this year’s Coupe Icare, and that gives us a great a chance to look forward to what the manufacturers are bringing to the market from next year. From the ‘Baby Enzo’ for performance XC pilots wanting the […]

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Cross Country 164

Cross Country 164: What’s in the latest issue

The smell of roasting coffee, sunlight on the kitchen table, cracking the spine on the latest issue of Cross Country Magazine… This issue we’re all about the simple pleasures of life. Matt Warren has been out and about investigating the hike-and-fly phenomenon. Some paraglider manufacturers now make lightweight versions of nearly all their gliders, and […]

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