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ITV Boxer 2

ITV announce Boxer 2: beginner PG and PPG wing

ITV have released the “exceptionally easy” Boxer 2. It’s made for free-flight and PPG beginners, and is EN-A and DGAC certified. With three risers on each side and few lines ITV say it’s easy to sort on launch, and then it’s very easy to launch, too. Despite having long brake travel, ITV say steering is […]

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Gin Bolero 6

Gin Bolero 6: entry-level paraglider

The Bolero 6 is Gin’s latest entry-level paraglider, suitable for schools and cross-country capable. It’s certified LTF/EN-A, and features Gin’s second-generation EPT (Equalised Pressure Technology) which they say improves take-off behaviour, stability and handling. It has long, progressive brake travel and a low stall speed. Gin say the Bolero 6 is: A solid foundation for […]

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Apco Karisma

Apco’s EN-A Karisma now ready

Apco’s new EN-A school wing, the Karisma, is now certified in three sizes. Apco say the Karisma is a simple and straightforward wing, designed to make life easy for beginners and their instructors, but with the personality and performance characteristics to keep intermediate pilots happy too. The wing is built with Apco’s sharknose APP (Automatic Pressuring Profile) to retain internal […]

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Apco announce new school wing, the Karisma

Apco have announced a forthcoming new school paraglider. The EN-A wing will be called the Karisma, and Apco say it has a sharknose profile with “a new leading edge construction method”. Apco say the Karisma is easy to teach on and a joy to fly. It was designed to inspire confidence in new pilots, and allow them to […]

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U-Turn Annapurna

U-Turn announce low-B hike-and-fly Annapurna

U-Turn have added a new low-end B hike-and-fly wing to their range. It’s called the Annapurna. It’s the little sibling of their “climbers’ glider”, the Everest, and designed for a broader spectrum of pilots. U-Turn’s Multiple Speed System (MSS) has a second pulley on the accelerator, meaning speedbar travel can be shortened and turning the Annapurna into an LTF-A wing that […]

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Niviuk Koyot 3

Niviuk Koyot 3 – EN-A Progression paraglider

Niviuk call their new Koyot 3 a ‘progression’ wing. It’s certified EN A, easy to handle and intuitive to fly, but with XC performance potential, they say. Explore the skies at your own pace. It is the ideal partner for taking the first steps and enjoy cross country flights among many adventures you may already […]

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Triple Seven Deck

Triple Seven Deck: entry-level EN-A paraglider

Triple Seven’s EN/LTF A Deck is a simple and durable entry-level glider, ideal for schools. Made to inspire confidence in pilots and their instructors, Triple Seven say the Deck will take a pilot from his first steps into the world of paragliding, and on his first valley crossings. A confidence-inspiring and nicely damped wing, Tripe Seven say it nonetheless offers good […]

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ITV Dolpo 3

ITV release EN-A Dolpo 3, for free or powered flight

ITV have released a new EN-A paraglider for the 2016 season: It’s called the Dolpo 3, and is suitable for both paragliding and paramotoring. The company, who are based near lake Annecy in France, say the Dolpo 3 is a well-behaved and comfortable wing, ideal for beginners. It’s easy to inflate and launch, with good performance and speed […]

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A is for Accessible: The new EN A class

Smaller inlets, three riser technology, 3D panel shaping, plastic rods and mini-ribs… yes we’re talking EN A technology. Pat Dower researches how trickle-down technology has revolutionised the school glider class. See what’s in Issue 169

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Sky Country Muscat 3

Sky Country Muscat 3: EN-A paraglider

Ukrainian manufacturer Sky Country have announced a forthcoming new EN-A school paraglider, called the Muscat 3. It replaces the Muscat 2, which had EN-B certification. They say it is a nice easy wing for school pilots, but is agile for its class, a trait that more experienced pilots will appreciate too. The Muscat 3 has a modest aspect ratio of […]

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U-Turn Eternity

U-Turn Eternity – EN A paraglider

The Eternity from U-Turn is an EN-A paraglider with a flat aspect ratio of 5.0, suitable for beginners up.  It’s light in weight, starting at 3.45kg in the smallest size (increasing to 4.85kg in the biggest of the six sizes). U-Turn say the Eternity is a very forgiving wing, but with precise, sporty handling and an outstanding […]

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Independence Zippy PT

Independence Zippy PT – beginners’ paraglider

Independence’s Zippy PT is an EN/LTF-A certified beginners’ paraglider with ‘performance trims’ on its top surface, which change its performance.  The performance trims are operated by zippers. When activated, they increase the stability of the wing, reducing its glide ratio by up to 2.5 points and increasing the sink rate by around 0.4m/s. As the student progresses, the PTs […]

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Ozone Jomo

Ozone Jomo – EN A hike-and-fly paraglider

Ozone’s Jomo, their EN-A certified hike-and-fly wing, is ready. Based on the Mojo 5, Ozone say the Jomo is perfect for newly-qualified pilots and up, looking for a safe and solid lightweight wing for ridge soaring, thermalling or XC flying. They say it’s fun and easy for all levels of pilot. It’s much lighter than the […]

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Advance Pi2

Advance Pi 2 – lightweight paraglider

Advance have released the new Pi 2, and they say it’s one of the smallest-packing and lightest wings on the market. It’s small and also very versatile, say Advance. You can use it for hike-and-fly, mountaineering, thermalling or as a mini wing. There are four sizes, 16, 19, 23 and 27m2, each of which has multiple weight ranges, with the certification […]

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Advance Alpha 6

Advance Alpha 6 : EN-A school paraglider

Advance have announced their new EN-A school paraglider, the Alpha 6, will be in the skies from November 2015.  They say the Alpha 6 has an exceptionally easy launch behaviour and is very comfortable in the air. A simplified line layout with three risers (plus a big ears riser) and two gallery levels makes line sorting very easy, and an air […]

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Full Review: Nova Ibex 3 and Montis +

Charlie King tries a mountain wing with the promise it can be flown XC Nova’s Ibex 3 is “by mountaineers, for mountaineers”. In Nova’s words it’s a “small, lightweight paraglider that can cope with rough Alpine terrain, can be thermalled and has decent performance”. All three of its intended sizes should be available now, so […]

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GIN Yeti 4

GIN Yeti 4 : EN-A mountain paraglider

GIN’s new Yeti 4 is a lightweight, EN-A certified mountain paraglider, suitable for hike and fly and leisurely XCs. It’s designed for simplicity, say GIN. Having only three line levels makes it simple to sort out on the ground. They say it inflates easily and evenly, even when the terrain or conditions are less than ideal. Its low stall speed […]

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Swing Nyos

Swing to replace EN-B Mistral with Nyos

Swing are to unveil the brand new Nyos at the 2015 Coupe Icare. A performant EN-B model, it will replace the Mistral 7.  With the Nyos, the company promise comfort and stability, an outstanding climb rate and dynamic handling, and it will be made in five sizes. The company are also unveiling a new EN-A […]

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U-Turn Emotion 3

U-Turn Emotion 3: EN A

U-Turn have recently released a high-performing and “very safe” EN-A school wing, called the Emotion 3. While they say their priority was its passive safety, they were proud to share news of Benjamin Becker’s 200km triangle on one, demonstrating that safety does not have to come at the expense of performance. Calling it “the perfect […]

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Skyman Amicus

Amicus: beginner wing from Skyman

The Amicus is Skyman’s first beginners’ paraglider. Certified LTF/EN A in four sizes, Skyman say it’s light with top-level safety. The hybrid three-liner weighs 4.2kg in the smallest size, and has a flat aspect ratio of 5.2, and 47 cells, which is significantly more than some other EN-A wings on the market (Nova’s Ion 3 has 39 and Ozone’s Atom 3 […]

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