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Supair Taska video review

Video Review: Supair Taska, EN C

Marcus King test-flew Supair’s first sports class wing, the EN-C Taska, over ten hours in the southern French Alps, and concluded the company had made a wing to be proud of! He also met up with the design team and flew all of the major prototypes that led to the finished product – read about […]

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UP Trango X-Race

UP’s 2017 X-Alps wing: Trango X-Race

UP have announced announced their Red Bull X-Alps wing for 2017. The Trango X-Race was born from the Trango XC3, and will be certified EN C (EN D in the S size). UP say it’s not only for the X-Alps – the X-Race is aimed at all sports class pilots looking for a light and performant wing for competition, […]

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Sky Exos

Sky announce new EN-C Exos

Sky have announced a new EN-C paraglider, the Exos. They say it’s “true to its class” and not overly demanding to handle. Designed for experienced cross-country pilots, Sky say the Exos offers good performance and precise handling. A three-liner, the Exos has a flat aspect ratio of 6.4 and 65 cells. It features Sky’s Leading Edge Optimisation (LEO) […]

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Nervures Diamir 2

Nervures Diamir 2: EN-C

Nervures say their new Diamir 2 is an accessible and performant EN C paraglider. It has a sharknose profile and small trailing edge ribs, which together keep the nose open even in turbulence and on bar, and the canopy smooth, sleek and efficient. Nervures say the Diamir 2’s impressive turbulent-air glide is comparable to that of higher rated […]

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Skywalk Spice

Skywalk Spice: lightweight EN-C

The Spice is a lightweight version of Skywalk’s EN-C Cayenne, offering EN-C performance and handling, with the ease of launch of a hike-and-fly glider. It’s made for XC pilots who spend a lot of time in the mountains, and is available in four sizes, weighing just 3.7kg in the new XXS size for 60-85kg all-up weights. Skywalk say: Like […]

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Skywalk Tonka 2

Skywalk expand their miniwing range with the Tonka2 S

  Skywalk have brought out a larger version of their Tonka2, their specialist wing for para-alpinists and mountain runners. The new S size has a flat area of 17.5m² (14.76m² projected), which is approximately 3m² bigger than the original. It’s certified EN C, where the original was EN D, and has a wider weight range and slightly less dynamic characteristics. […]

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Ozone SwiftMax

Ozone SwiftMax performance tandem

A serial version of Ozone’s SwiftMax high-performance tandem is now available, aimed at experienced tandem pilots looking for a lightweight wing for cross-country adventures. The 41m² SwiftMax is based on the Swift 4 solo wing, and has a weight range of 150-210kg. Ozone say it offers the glide performance, sink rate, handling, and speed of a solo […]

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BGD Cure EN C review

BGD Cure (EN C) on review

“The Cure is a light, joyful wing. Flying one for the first time is a bit like emerging from a very long winter, taking some high class drugs and going dancing at a summer festival – it’s that much fun!” We give the low-down on BGD’s new high performer, including its reaction to collapses and […]

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Kortel Kross

Kortel’s first paraglider: the Kross

French Alps-based harness manufacturer Kortel have broken into the paraglider market with a new high performance lightweight vol-bivouac competition wing called the Kross. It was designed for vol-bivouac and hike-and-fly competitions, with “solidity and simplicity” as the design keywords, a not-outrageous aspect ratio of 6.4 and CCC or EN C certification, depending on size. “It’s the ideal […]

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AirDesign Volt 2 SL

AirDesign Volt 2 Super Light: EN C

  AirDesign’s EN-C intermediate/expert paraglidier, the Volt 2, is now certified in a Super Light (SL) version. A “lightweight performer for cross-country pilots”, it weighs 3.6kg in the smallest (XS) size, and is aimed at XC fanatics, vol-bivouac enthusiasts and those wishing to reduce the weight of their kit. The Volt 2 SL uses lightweight double-coated Porcher Skytex 27 […]

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BGD Cure

BGD CURE – EN C paraglider

BGD have announced that the M size of their hotly anticipated EN-C Cure is expected to be available for Christmas 2015. A high-end EN-C wing, BGD say its leading edge is “packed with a bunch of new technology” which includes Bruce’s Cord Cut Billow, leading edge mini-ribs, and a ‘strong shark’ profile. Explanations for all of these terms […]

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Advance Pi2

Advance Pi 2 – lightweight paraglider

Advance have released the new Pi 2, and they say it’s one of the smallest-packing and lightest wings on the market. It’s small and also very versatile, say Advance. You can use it for hike-and-fly, mountaineering, thermalling or as a mini wing. There are four sizes, 16, 19, 23 and 27m2, each of which has multiple weight ranges, with the certification […]

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ITV Jedi 2

ITV Jedi 2 – EN B / C paraglider

ITV have announced that the Jedi 2 is now certified in all sizes, for free-flight and paramotor use. An evolution of the first Jedi, ITV say the new version has much better performance and exemplary behaviour in thermals. They add that it is pleasant to fly, and its speedbar offers a significant speed increase without significantly degrading glide. Sizes S, […]

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AirDesign Volt 2

AirDesign Volt 2: EN C

AirDesign’s new cross-country glider, the Volt 2, has been certified EN and LTF C in the M size, the first of five planned sizes. The company say: The VOLT 2 is the ideal glider for XC-orientated pilots who are looking for a high-performing wing, packed to the brim with cutting-edge design technology. The Volt 2 features […]

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Nova Triton 2 Light

Triton 2 Light: Nova’s X-Alps wing now available

Nova’s 2015 X-Alps wing, as used by their athletes in the race, is now available to buy in three sizes, certified EN C for the S and M sizes, or CCC for the XS. It’s based on the Triton 2 but lighter, and trimmed to give maximum performance for minimum weight – it’s just 3.4kg in the […]

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Sol Kangaroo 4

Sol Kangaroo 4 performance tandem

The Kangaroo 4 is Sol’s latest LTF/EN-C high-performance tandem paraglider. Sol pride themselves on their Kangaroo models having set numerous world records throughout the generations, and they hope the fourth incarnation will be no different. A three-riser design with an aspect ratio of 6.25, the wing is supported with battens, trailing edge mini-ribs and double V-tabs. The 32m2 […]

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Skywalk Cayenne 5

Skywalk Cayenne 5 – EN C

The Cayenne 5 is a slender EN-C sports class wing, “at home in any of the world’s top XC arenas”. Skywalk say it is more comp wing than its predecessor while managing not to push the boundaries of the EN-C class. It has an aspect ratio of 6.4 and a sharknose, three-line design. Designer Alex Höllwarth is […]

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Niviuk Artik P

Niviuk Artik P – lightweight EN C

Niviuk have released a P (Plume) version of their EN-C Artik paraglider. The Artik P is the latest in a growing P-series of lightweight wing versions, and is aimed at “cross country, mountain and hike-and-fly pilots who want to explore new routes and need lightweight compact gear”. As well as being a more portable and hike-able version of the […]

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U-Turn Redout

U-Turn Redout: EN C / D freeride wing

U-Turn say their new Redout, a wing which combines freestyle elements with performance, belongs in a category that they would best describe as ‘freeride. A sporty and dynamic wing, they say the Redout also has outstanding glide and thermals very efficiently, making it a real crossover wing, as perfect for soaring as for acro training as for thermalling. It was designed for “dynamic flying […]

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Swing Nexus EN C paraglider

Swing Nexus – EN C paraglider

Swing say they developed their new EN C wing, the Nexus, with the glide and stability that will help pilots fly long distances at fast speeds. Developed for tough conditions, Swing say the Nexus is reliable and intuitive, with better performance than ever whether at full throttle, or when gliding or climbing. Rough air? Bring it […]

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